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As part of our role in supporting the emergency services and Armed Forces in times of emergency or disaster we use the latest Airwave technology.

Airwave Communication

Airwave is a secure digital radio network dedicated for the exclusive use of the UK's emergency and public safety services. Designed to carry voice and data communications, the service offers guaranteed levels of coverage across England, Wales and Scotland.

This means that users can stay in instant communication even in remote areas or within confined spaces of buildings and tunnels where radio coverage has often failed in the past.

Airwave is part of HMG Critical National Infrastructure and is designed to stay working even during major incidents (like 9/11) when conventional mobile and fixed telephony networks may overload and fail. Airwave is helping to build safer communities, delivering communication where and when it's needed most.

Key benefits of Airwave

As an encrypted network, Airwave communications cannot be scanned or monitored by outsiders. This also prevents criminals or individuals with malicious intent from thwarting the work of police officers, emergency workers and members of the Army Reserve working together.

Mobile Radio and Telephony in one
The system's unique, multi-functional handsets can act as a digital radio, mobile phone and data terminal in one.

Airwave enhances interworking between public safety organisations, allowing them for the first time to communicate directly with each other at the site of an incident. By sharing the same communication system Army, police, fire and ambulance personnel can deliver a true joined-up emergency response.

Greater call clarity
Speech quality on Airwave is crystal clear thanks to unique technology for screening out background noise. This helps public safety users to communicate effectively especially when working within noisy and hazardous environments.

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