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Queen's Gurkha Signals

By your badge men shall know you. By your loyalty, by your behaviour and by your technical skill, they will judge you as men and measure your efficiency as soldiers.


Based at Gamecock Barracks Bramcote along with RHQ 30th Signal Regiment.

Commander QG SIGNALS is also the Commanding Officer of 30th Signal Regiment.

Although Squadrons and members of QG SIGNALS are serving within different Royal Signals Regiments and organisations, RHQ QG SIGNALS still maintains its administrative responsibilities for all Gurkha personnel serving with those units.  

RHQ ensures the wider employment opportunities throughout Royal Signals for officers and soldiers in liaison with HQ BG and APC Glasgow.

It also advises Royal Signals, HQ BG and APC Glasgow on the employment of QG SIGNALS within the Corps. RHQ is responsible for all Regimental matters and issues, particularly Gurkha Welfare and ensuring Regimental ethos and Kaida (traditions) are maintained.

RHQ QG SIGNALS is also responsible for organising events such as sport the Regimental birthday parade and annual reunion, Trailwalker UK, attestation and commissioning parades and the religous and other Nepali festivals celebrated each year within the regiment.

RHQ is also responsible for the introduction of new recruits into the Regiment, conducting initial training and allocating trades to individuals before they proceed to the Royal Schoolof Signal (RSS) at Blandford for their trade training.

RHQ QG SIGNALS comprises of the Commander, Gurkha Major, Gurkha Adjutant, Gurkha RCMO, Manning WO, SPS Clk and Pundit.

The Gurkha RCMO is the career advisor for all QG SIGNALS soldiers.

Contact the QG SIGNALS Pundit

The QG SIGNALS Pundit covers all Gurkha Squadrons and establishments wherever QG SIGNALS personnel and their families are serving.

Telephone: (+44) 0145522 2589

Email: 30SR-RHQ-QGS-GADJT@mod.uk

Queen's Gurkha Signals
Gamecock Barracks, Bramcote
Warwickshire CV11 6QN

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