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216 Sig Sqn

16th (Air Assault) Brigade Headquarters and Signal Squadron (216)

216 Sig Sqn is to provide Command Support to HQ 16 Air Assault Brigade in order to enable the commander and his staff to command and control the Brigade effectively.

All Arms PreParachute Selection Course

The second phase is AAPPS. The aim of P Company is to 'test physical fitness, determination and mental robustness, under conditions of stress, to determine whether an individual has the self discipline and motivation for service with Airborne Forces'.

It is split into three stages;

Stage 1 screening

Stage 2 Build Up

Stage 3 Test Week

Screening is conducted on the first day, and gives the individual the opportunity to earn their place on 'P' Company. Individuals have to complete an 8-mile speed march, a 1.5 mile run (in under 9 mins 30 secs) and pass part of the aerial confidence course (the trainasium).

Those not up to the required standard are removed form the course.

The build up phase lasts for 21 weeks and is a progressive physical build up prior to Test Week. It includes a military skills revision/instructional package.

This part of the course starts hard and fast. The first week is designed to weed out those that cannot make the grade or do not have the will to succeed. For many it is the hardest part of the course.

Building cardiovascular fitness with a mixture of long runs, tabs, and introductions to burdens such as the log and stretcher. During this stage of the course volunteers are given an introduction and insight into everything that will take place during test week.

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