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Electronic Warfare Systems

The Royal Signals provide the Army with its Electronic Warfare (EW) capability.

Electronic Warfare involves finding, exploiting and possibly disrupting the enemy's communications and also provides an element of force protection.

Create the battlefield picture

Intelligence gathering through EW assists the commander in winning the 'information battle' and helps to create the all-important 'battlefield picture'.

14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare) is based in Brawdy, Wales and provides this specialist capability. The Regiment currently uses Odette and SCARUS systems to undertake EW. The Regiment also comprise Light Electronic warfare Teams who work with the Airborne Task Force to provide short notice, highly mobile EW support to the forward elements of the force.


The Odette system provides an electronic support measures (ESM) dimension within the overall EW capability; operating from both armoured and landrover borne variants, Odette electronically finds radio targets.
Electronic Warfare Systems


SCARUS is an Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system that can be both man portable and vehicle borne.WROTE and SEER. New state of the art manpack, static and vehicle borne EW systems are being brought into service for deployment on current operations.
RSignals Electronic Warfare

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