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70 Gurkha Field Squadron

70 Gurkha Field Squadron, the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, was raised as 70 Gurkha Field Park Squadron at Sungei Besi, Malaysia, on 2nd April 1960. The following year it moved to Kluang and absorbed the Gurkha Training Squadron, which had resided there since 1948. In 1962, it became 70 Gurkha Park Training Squadron and in 1966 it again changed its title to 70 Training Squadron. In 1968 the Squadron was retiled 70 Support Training Squadron.  However, as a result of Government Defence cuts. 70 Support Training Squadron was disbanded on 31 July 1971. The Squadron was raised again in Hong Kong as 70 Support Squadron in 1978. However, ‘Options for Change’ again saw the Squadron disbanded in December 1993.

After the ‘Strategic Defence Review’, 70 Gurkha Field Support Squadron, QGE was reformed for the third time on 17th July 2000 with its home in Invicta Park Barracks, Maidstone alongside its sister Squadron, 69 Gurkha Field Squadron as part of 36 Engineer Regiment. Since its third reformation, the Squadron was deployed to various countries around the world providing General Engineer Support to 3 (UK) Division. In 2001 the Sqn deployed to Kosovo on Operation (0p) AGRICOLA 4 with 26 Engineer Regiment and also deployed on Op FINGAL to Oman in support of the mission in Afghanistan. In 2002 the Sqn deployed to Norway on Exercise (Ex) NORTHEN QUEST 02. In 2003 the Sqn deployed to Iraq on Op TELIC 1. In 2004 the Sqn was busy on Sqn, Regt and Bde level training exercises in the UK as well as on pre-deployment training for Op TELIC 6. In 2005 the Sqn deployed to Iraq for second time on Op TELIC 6 with 26 Engineer Regt. In 2006 the Sqn was involved on Ex INVICTA LEGION as exchange exercise between the Sqn and the 2nd Regt of the French Foreign Legionnaires. In 2007, the Sqn deployed to Ex 28th SHOT to Gibraltar and a resources node of 6 members Sqn was also deployed to Op Herrick 7 with 36 Engineer Regt providing second line support and logistic advice to the Task Force Helmand Engr Group. In 2008 as a spearhead Lead Element commitment half of the Sqn deployed to Kosovo on Op VALERA to provide engineer support to the 2 Rifles BG where Workshop Troop construct the Deployable Engineer Workshop (DEW) with 15 Fd Sqn. In 2009, a Tp deployed with the Lead Commando Group (LCG) on Ex TAURUS 09 and another Tp constructed a suspension bridge in Amberely village, West Sussex. Two search team sections deployed on Op HERRICK 11 where WO2 (MPF) Markland was sadly killed in action. Lated the year the Sqn also deployed to Canada on Ex WARPAINT 09/10 with 26 Engineer Regiment as a construction project, DEW. In 2010, a team of resources node deployed on Op Herrick 12 to Afghanistan. 

Following Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II’s visit on 01 Feb 11, the Sqn was renamed to 70 Gurkha Fd Sqn (Search) under 29 EOD and Search Group within 8 Force Engineer Brigade. The Sqn provided manpower to Ex PASTHUN LINKS 3,4 and 6 to support the EOD and Search Task Force. The Sqn also provided MCF for various commitment such as support for BATUK, Regt trawls to seven different countries and C-IED and Forward Operating Base training facilities to 33 Engr Regt (EOD) and 3 RSME Regt. In 2012 the Sqn took high Assurance Search commitment to support both the Airborne Task Force (ABTF) with 16 Air Assault Brigade and deployed on Ex JOINT WARRIOR as part of LCG to support 40 Commando Royal Marines and 5 Scots in Scotland. The Sqn was also heavily involved on Op OLYMPICS providing venue Search Team part of Venue Security Force as the Excel Center London and a team of Victory ceremony flag raisers throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. In the latter half of the year the Sqn deployed to Jordan as Ex PASTHUN LINK 5 to provide Real Life Support to the EOD and Search Task Force for Op HERRICK 18. In 2013 the Sqn deployed to Kenya on a Joint Force Enabling Exercise, Ex SELFISH on construction tasks ad conducted level 3 adventurous training and community engagement tasks. Recently, the Sqn conducted Collective training level 1 in Pipingford Park and Wyke Regis Training Area in preparation of the re-role to Force Support. 

On. 01 Oct 2013, the Sqn re-roled to Force Support and was re-named 70 Gurkha Field Squadron, QGE. The Sqn, part of 36 Engineer Regiment, came under 12 (Force Support) Engineer Group within 8 Force Engineer Brigade; it is comprised of three Field Troops, a Support, Echelon and Squadron Headquarters. 

In 2014, Sqn deployed on Ex PINE STICK in Cyprus.  This exercise saw the Sqn involvement on a huge construction project. In beginning of 2015 the Sqn commitment were heavily focused around Gurkha 200 Pageant and Public duties. Concurrent to that, following the earthquake in Nepal, some element of the Sqn deployed on Op LAYLAND for Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief in Nepal. In the latter stage of 2015 Sqn deploy on Op MARMAT 2 reconstruction project in Nepal.  

Now the Sqn looks forward to deploy on Ex ASKARI STORM 4/16, in a close support role with 2 Royal Anglian Battle Group.


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