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135 Geo Sqn RE in particular

For an Ex-Regular there are many benefits to joining 135 Geo Sqn RE; importantly, you can keep up your links with former colleagues and continue to enjoy the same esprit de corps. However there are many other practical and attractive incentives to continue in the military:

Remain in the Regiment. Leave the Regular Army but stay in the Regiment - 135 Geo Sqn RE is a sub-unit of 42 Engr Regt (Geo), meaning even closer ties and familiar activities.

135 Geo Sqn is going through a huge transition and Ex Geo Regulars are going to be key to the development of the Sqn over the next few years. For example, you may be utilised at DJIFC or 42 Regt, but at weekends, doing exactly what you do now. Or it may be your Mil skills, expertise and experience which we use – all you can offer will be vital to the growth of the Geo Reserves. More info at 135 Geo Sqn RE home page.

Daily rate of pay is equivalent to Regular counterparts, but with 5% X factor rather than 14.5% [Regular RE Sgt level 5 = £99.77 per day Reserve RE Sgt Level 5 = £91.49 per Day (as of 1 Apr 14) – Figures are approximate].

Bounty. Ex-Regulars with 3 or more years of continuous service and with a break of less than 3 years are eligible for the full tax free bounty rate on successful completion of their first Training Year – £1,708 (approx) as at 1 Apr 14. Equivalent of earning around £2,400 on top of your salary before Tax and NI.

Commitment Bonus. Two x terms and conditions of service are available to ex regulars: A lower commitment of 19 days and MATTS’s at level 3, or a cash incentive of £10,000 payable over 4 years however this will require the full Reservist commitment.

The Annual Training Requirement of 28 days including a 16-day annual camp maybe reduced to 19 days in total and no mandated annual camp for the first 3 years after discharge dependant on which commitment is chosen.

Rank. Ex-Regular soldiers and officers should keep the rank they left Regular service with, provided there has not been a break in service of more than 3 years.

Adventure Trg and Sporting opportunities. Being in the Reserve gives you access to all the same Adventure Training and Sporting opportunities such as expeditions and courses that you had in the Regular Army.

Retain DV/SC. If you have Security Clearance (DV or SC) there is the potential that in the Reserve this will be maintained. Having DV or SC can open up a number of potentially well paid career opportunities.

Guaranteed no Mobilisation for first 3 Years. Your future employer may be concerned that as a member of the Reserve you could be mobilised. You can tell them that as a Service Leaver you cannot be Compulsorily Mobilised for 3 years after leaving the Regular Army.

MATTs reduced to Level 3 for the first 3 years: only if on the 19 day commitment.

Shooting: Weapon Handling Test only
Fitness: Pass 2 x PFA
First Aid: BCD only
Value and Standards Attend
C-IED Attend

The transition into the Geo RE Reserves can begin during the last 3 months of Regular service and would be completed before leaving, making it a seamless process.

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