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Recruit Selection and Basic Training

We are currently recruiting both officers and soldiers. Applicants with no military experience are welcomed, as well as ex-Regular soldiers and current or ex-members of the Reserves (depending on individual circumstances, some or all of the training requirement may be waived for ex-Regular and serving or ex-Reserves).

We are recruiting now for the following roles:

Combat Engineer.
Plant Operator.
Combat Signaller.
Human Resources Specialist.
Combat Medic.

We welcome people who are already trained in a specific trade but if not we will pay you to train in your choice of trade. We have recently been successful in sending some soldiers to The Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham where they have been learning a trade like electrician, and bricklayer.

Applying on line and Basic Training

Firstly visit one of our Troop locations at Wakefield, Hull or Gateshead to see if it’s for you. Then you need to register your interest and apply online by selecting the joining the Army tab at the top of this page. Each Troop location has a recruiting Corporal who will guide you through the joining process and prepare you for your two day assessment centre. They will help you get ready by giving you interview tips and preparing you for your fitness tests and your ice breaker. If you pass the assessment centre you will then take the Oath of Allegiance and become attested (enlisted) into the Reserves. From this date you will get paid for your training. You will then either attend a seven day consolidated course or attend four weekends of training and a two week residential camp to complete your basic training. All Reserve training is based around Tuesday evenings, weekends and a two week Annual Camp (although there is plenty of opportunity to do more).

Arduous Training

After successfully passing the basic training soldiers move onto arduous training. This is held at Catterick training area and lasts for six weekends over a twelve week period. It is designed to prepare soldiers both physically and mentally for All Arms Pre-Parachute Selection Course ( P Coy).

100% Army Fit on your Android mobile

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