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Role of the Reserve element

Specialist Teams Royal Engineers – STRE

General Infrastructure Teams

508, 525 and 526 STRE (Works) have the widest range of responsibilities, which includes:

• Civil engineering design and construction
• Design of barracks, technical and training facilities, roads and bridges
• Supervision of construction
• Utilities project work design and construction
• Facilities management
• Life-cycle costing
• Condition surveys
• Land surveying

Railways Infrastructure

507 STRE (Railways Infra) is the only formed Regular or Reserve unit with a railway design and construction capability:

• Designs, advises and supervises construction of all aspects of permanent way and railway infrastructure
• Provides railway training support and has capacity to carry out construction with its own resources

Ports Infrastructure

509 STRE (Ports Infra) provides professional assessment and design consultancy functions:

• Design and supervision of port installations such as docks, quays, jetties and dolphins, cranes and handling and weighing equipment
• Secure storage and transit areas
• Power and water distribution systems and support to dredging activities
• Repair and maintenance capability

Power Infrastructure

504 STRE (Power Infra) provides the professional and technical expertise needed to repair and maintain essential military and civilian power generation and distribution systems:

• Function and security of power supplies for military operations
• Restore essential utilities for the safety and security for the military and civilian population
• Design and supervision of power generation and HV distribution

Water Infrastructure

506 STRE (Water Infra) provides the expertise and resources needed to manage all aspects of water infrastructure:

• Supply, treatment and distribution of clean water systems
• Waste water treatment engineering design and construction
• Recruits and trains professional engineers and technicians from across the water supply and waste water treatment industries

Fuel Infrastructure

503 STRE (Fuel Infra) focuses on fuel production, storage and distribution:

• Provides the expertise necessary to secure, repair and maintain essential fuel supplies to military and civilian utilities
• Enable the delivery of essential public utilities to the civilian population
• Recruits and trains professional engineers and technicians from across the fuel production and distribution industries

Airfields Infrastructure

510 STRE (Airfields Infra) is the newest team within 170 Engr Gp:

• Designs, advises and supervises construction of all aspects of airfield facilities
• Provides expertise in electrical distribution for airfields including above ground lighting
• Provides facilities management advice for airfield infrastructure
• Secure facilities for aircraft, fuel and ammunition bunkers
• Design of runways and taxiways

For All Recruiting Enquiries Contact the Recruiting, Retention and Mentoring Team (RRMT):

Telephone: +44 (0)115 957 2170
Mobile: 07917 593935
Email: 170ENGR-AR-Recruiting@mod.uk 

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