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Training and Rewards

Why join 170 Engr Gp?

• Learn New Skills to enhance your civilian career prospects 
        • Continuing Professional Development 
        • Broaden experience levels
• Use your civilian skills in the military to great effect
• Better promotion prospects as an officer or soldier than most Reserve units
• Excellent opportunities to travel whether on operations or training
• Networking opportunities to find civilian employment
• As a nationally recruited unit you can move around the country with your civilian job but stay with the same Reserve unit
• A 19 day annual commitment compared to 27 days for the regional locally recruited Reserves
• Receive the same levels of pay and bounty as regionally recruited Reserves


Much of our annual training exercises takes place overseas and in recent years exercise and project locations have included:

• Ascension Island
• Belize
• Botswana
• Brunei (Borneo)
• Canada
• Cyprus
• Falkland Islands
• France
• Germany
• Gibraltar
• Uganda
• Italy
• Kenya
• Nepal

The rewards are considerable – Regular Army rates of pay and an annual tax free bounty of up to £1708 (2014/5 rates) on successful completion of the minimum annual training. All authorised transport within the UK is paid for. The training commitment is a 15 day annual training exercise and 2 weekends per year; however more training can be undertaken if you wish.

In 170 Engr Gp there are opportunities to gain a diverse range of engineering experience, often related to your civilian role. This will add to or build upon your engineering knowledge and broaden your experience base.

Recruit Training

Recruit training is run centrally at Regional Training Centres and attended by recruits from all elements of the Army Reserve. On successful completion of the recruiting process, recruits undertake:

• 6 weekends (however other options for consolidated courses may be available)
• 15 day residential camp

On completion of recruit training you can immediately start training with 170 Engr Gp.

Officer Training

Potential officers within the unit require an engineering or related degree. Potential officers are assigned to a regional officer training unit for the duration of their training, after which they are assigned to their respective unit for their Reserve service.

Continuing Professional Development

Reserve training can give you transferable skills that you can take back to your civilian role, on average a Reservist receives the equivalent of £8327 worth of military training every year. This is far more than civilian employers generally spend of their staff. Some of the qualification opportunities available to Reserve officers and soldiers include:

• City & Guilds or Edexcel Level 3/4 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector for successful completion of the Defence Instructional Techniques course
• City & Guilds or Edexcel Level 3/4 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector for successful completion of the Defence Train the Trainer course
• Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management for successful completion of the Range Management Qualification (Parts 1-3)
• ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management for successful completion of the Army Reserves Commissioning Course
• ILM Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management for successful completion of the Late Entry Officers Course

The Royal Engineers actively promotes Continuing Professional Development, all officers and soldiers attaining the ranks of Lance Corporal (and in exceptional circumstances Sapper) can also apply to join the Institute of Royal Engineers. The Institute can confer the awards of Engineer Technician, Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer.

Adventure Training and Extra Curricular Activities

The motto ‘work hard, play hard’ certainly applies to our Reserve element. As well as partaking in adventurous training whilst on the annual training exercises, our Reservists have attended:

• 170 Engr Gp’s annual skiing trip
• Sailing expeditions
• Rock climbing expeditions
• Accelerated free fall courses in California with the Royal Engineers Sport Parachute Association to learn how to skydive
• Have represented the unit and Army in many diverse sports including: 
        • Triathlon 
        • Equestrianism 
        • Orienteering 
        • Shooting

For All Recruiting Enquiries Contact the Recruiting, Retention and Mentoring Team (RRMT):

Telephone: +44 (0)115 957 2170
Mobile: 07917 593935
Email: 170ENGR-AR-Recruiting@mod.uk

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