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64 Works Group RE

64 Works Group Royal Engineers is part of 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group.

The Works Group is approximately 100 strong consisting of a Headquarters, two Specialist Teams Royal Engineers (STRE) (Works), a STRE (Bulk Petroleum) (BP) and an Army Reserve STRE (Fuels Infrastructure).

Wks Gp HQ Commands, leads, directs work and deployments, prioritises, plans, manages resources, sets standards and ensures quality control. They also employ the draughtsmen, surveyors and resources specialists that support all STREs.

524 and 527 STRE (Works) manage assessment, design, construction, project management, operation, repair and maintenance for all types of infrastructure engineering. They can also contribute to the design and construction management of military air and sea ports. Both STRE (Works) deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007, returned to both in Sep 2008 and deployed to Afghanistan in Mar 2010.

516 STRE (BP) designs, supervises construction, commissions, repairs, maintains and decommissions temporary military petroleum installations. They can also assess, repair, commission, maintain and decommission civilian installations. They were amongst the first soldiers to enter the Southern Iraq oil fields in order to secure the safe condition of the facilities.

It deployed regularly to Iraq and continues to do so to Afghanistan for petroleum related tasks. 503 STRE (Fuels Infra) focuses on permanent installations. The team secures, repairs and maintains fuel systems to enable the delivery of essential public utilities in support of the military mission.

The team consists of specialists and professional engineers recruited from UK industry. Members of 503 STRE (Fuels Infra) have also deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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