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Staff Corps Expertise

The function of the Staff Corps is to provide a body of skilled engineers and logistic experts to advise the Ministry of Defence on such related matters as may be put before it.

The expertise of the Staff Corps can be brought to bear in the following areas:

  • Operations and projects - in theatre consultancy, best practice techniques, advice on design and project management, logistic support and the supply chain, the use of sponsored reserves and the private sector on operations, post-conflict reconstruction, post project or operation validation.
  • Procurement, particularly relating to engineer or logistic equipment services.
  • Training - attachments and the validation of papers and degrees.
  • Corporate planning and processes, particularly as the Ministry of Defence moves to accruals accounting and output costing, advice on ISO 9000, quality systems, MIS, research and development, human resources development and the management of change.
  • Infrastructure, geographic and environmental data worldwide.

Services Provided

The wide range of expertise provided by member officers and their organisations is best illustrated by some examples of assistance given during the past few years:

  • Advice on a mechanism to enable UK companies to reconstruct war zones.
  • Advice to UK forces on existing oil, water and physical infrastructure in Iraq.
  • Participated in the Kosovo Task Force.
  • Advising on the restoration of electrical distribution and generation in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Battle damage assessment of telecommunications systems in Iraq.
  • Advice on the demolition of bridges in Bosnia.
  • Survey and advice on re-opening quarries in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
  • Advice on the load capacity of damaged structures in Bosnia.
  • Provision of expertise on supply chain management and asset tracking.
  • Advice on main supply routes and oil pipelines during the Gulf War and the Iraq conflict.
  • Assistance with design and short notice procurement of a link span for a Kuwaiti Ro-Ro terminal.
  • Contributing to and reviewing the scripts in the military ports and electricity field manuals.

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