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71 Engineer Regiment

Who We Are

71 Engineer Regiment is an Army Reserve combat engineer unit of approximately 375 part-time and 50 full-time soldiers based in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Army Reservists come from all walks of life and many have never previously served in the Armed Forces.  Our part-time soldiers have normal careers that include: chartered engineer, physiotherapist, mental health nurse, teacher, offshore worker and leisure centre attendant.  

The Army Reserve

You do not require any previous service or experience to join the Army Reserve.  Reservists give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing their civilian life with a part time military career.  All serve in the Army Reserve because it offers a diverse, challenging and rewarding experience in their spare time.

Your Commitment

The average person spends 15 days a year surfing the web.  You can join the Army Reserve and get to do something different with your spare time.  Most roles ask for just 27 days commitment, subject to your availability: one evening a week, 6 weekends and a single 15 day period, per year. 

Looking for a challenge?

We are soldiers first and combat engineers second.  We deliver construction and maintenance support across a diverse array of projects.  Our soldiers have also volunteered for operations with the Regular Army to Afghanistan, Iraq and, most recently, as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus.  There are many opportunities to do short deployments and members have been to the Falkland Islands, the USA, Spain and Kenya.  

In order to maintain our capability we often conduct construction tasks, typically over weekends, in communities all over Scotland and Northern Ireland.  You will also have opportunities to attend career courses to enhance your command, leadership and management skills, vital if you wish to progress through an Army Reserve career and is also a useful complement to your civilian employment.

What We Do

71 Engineer Regiment belongs to the Corps of Royal Engineers - the construction arm of the Armed Forces – and we provide the Army’s ability to live, move and fight.  This includes building roads, bridges, living accommodation, airfields as well as conducting demolitions.  All Royal Engineer soldiers qualify in the trade of Combat Engineer, learning military and combat engineering techniques and procedures.  This expertise is common to all of our soldiers and provides the foundation skills and knowledge used on all engineering tasks.  

Military engineering encompasses:

Combat Engineering

Plant Operations

Resource Procurement and Logistics

Driving and Communications

Combat engineering comprises:



Boat Operations

Water Supply

Mine Clearance

Obstacles and Field Defences for combat troops

Specialist Opportunities: The Army Reserve offers a diverse range of specialist trades in which you can train and become proficient in - no previous experience is required.  This includes Plant Operators, Drivers, Logistic and Communication specialists.

Civilian Qualifications: Those with qualifications in construction or driving trades can get credit for previous experience.  

Pay and flexible working

The minimum annual commitment is: 

1. 12 days attained through weekend and Tuesday evening training, and 

2. A single period of 15 days training.  

Once in training, you will be paid for each training period you complete.  As you qualify through further training and gain promotion, your daily rate of pay will increase accordingly.  To support the growth of the Army Reserve there are opportunities to work over and above the minimum commitment both at home and overseas – this can really enhance your earning potential.  Current rates of pay: www.armyjobs.co.uk.

Completion of your annual training commitment entitles you to a bonus called a bounty; this is tax free and currently starts at £440 rising to £1742 after 5 years.

Note: Currently, there are staged enlistment bonuses of up to £2,300 for those with no previous military experience and up to £10,000 for ex-Regular soldiers who have over 4 years previous service.


How Do I Join?

Contact our Regimental Recruiting Team to obtain full details on joining 71 Engineer Regiment:

Email:  71ENGR-RECRUITING@mod.uk 

Telephone: (01334) 857632

Mobile or Text: (07919) 303969

What Happens Next

We can arrange for you to visit us to explain the opportunities and skills 71 Engineer Regiment and the Army Reserves can offer.  If you wish to proceed, the initial recruiting process typically takes several months to complete.  This consists of a mixture of online and Unit based initial preparation activities delivered by our Recruiting Teams who will guide and assist you throughout to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

Come and see us for yourself, you are welcome to visit us at your local Army Reserve Centre - without any obligation.  Join us and you'll get to learn new skills, make friends and get paid too.

Where You Can Join

Troop and Squadron locations

71 Engineer Regiment

71 Engineer Regiment, RAF Leuchars, Leuchars, Fife KY16 0BN

Title|71 Engineer Regiment;Lat|56.37808;Lng|-2.88006;Url|


10 Troop, Weyland Park, Kirkwall KW15 1LP


Fife & Dundee

2 Troop, Leuchars Station, Leuchars, Fife KY16 0JX

Title|Fife & Dundee;Lat|56.3779401;Lng|-2.8855557;Url|


102 Field Squadron, Anzio Lines, 63 Hawkhead Road, PA1 3NE



124 Field Squadron, Glencryan Road, G67 2UH



236 Troop, Kinloss Barracks, Forres, IV36 3UH


Northern Ireland

591 Field Squadron, 5 Balloo Avenue, Bangor BT19 7QT

Title|Northern Ireland;Lat|54.643205;Lng|-5.672366;Url|

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