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Royal Engineers Soldier Insight Course

The Royal Engineers Insight Course and Potential Officer Familiarisation Visit are separate courses for soldiers and Officers respectively. They take place once a month at Brompton Barracks in Chatham, Kent. The aim of the courses is to assist in getting a better understanding of what the Royal Engineers can offer as a career.

The soldier Royal Engineers Insight Course takes place over 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) and the Potential Officer Familiarisation Visit is 2.5 days long (Monday to Wednesday). They are structured to provide a mixture of informative presentations and practical events covering a wide range of typical Royal Engineers activities. Attendance on the course is the ideal way of getting exposure to the wide variety of job roles and career alternatives in order to make a more informed career decision.

Royal Engineers Insight Course

If you are interested in joining the British Army, specifically the Royal Engineers then you can potentially attend the Royal Engineer Insight Course. You will first need to apply and be accepted to join the British Army and be aged between 16 – 32.

The National Recruiting Centre will make the decision as to whether you are suitable to join the Royal Engineers and whether to select you to attend the Royal Engineer Insight Course. The travel to and from the Royal Engineer Insight Course, which is held at Chatham, Kent is provided by the National Recruiting Centre. They will also provide your meals whilst attending the Royal Engineer Insight Course.

Joining the Royal Engineers will provide you with action and adventure involved with service life, plus provides you with the opportunity to learn a trade and gain civilian qualifications. During the Royal Engineer Insight Course you will have the opportunity to do the following:

Receive an introduction of the Royal Engineers (learning the Royal Engineer ethos, history).

Conduct a tour of the Royal Engineer workshops, which will enable you to see the majority of the trades the Royal Engineers can offer.

Speak to soldiers that are currently in training learning their respective trades.

RE Insight Course

Receive a specialist role brief from a Royal Engineer Paratrooper, Royal Engineer Commando, Royal Engineer Diver, Royal Engineer Explosive Ordnance and Disposal (EOD) and Royal Engineer Searcher.

Visit the Royal Engineer plant school and have the chance to use some of the plant vehicles available to the Royal Engineers.

Visit the Royal Engineer boat school and be taken out on the various boats the Royal Engineers use.

Plant Operator

Visit 3 RSME, which is where Royal Engineers learn their Combat Engineering skills. Whilst on the visit you will have the chance to construct and build a Medium Girder over Bridge (MGOB), learn various knots and lashings, receive a demolition (explosives) display.

Visit the Royal Engineer motorised transport school and see the various vehicles the Royal Engineers use and visit the Royal Engineer communications specialist school to see what the communications specialist job entails.

Royal Engineers Potential Familiarisation Visit

If you are a potential Army Officer aged 18-24, we can entertain you on our familiarisation visit providing that you have achieved a Category 1 or 2 pass at your Army Officer Selection Board Briefing or passed the Main Board itself. Please contact your Career Support Manager at the National Recruiting Centre, your Senior Careers Advisor or alternatively email the Officer Recruiting team at officer@royalengineers.com to book a place. Serving soldiers applying for a commission should contact their chain of command to book a visit by way of direct email on the address above.

The Royal Engineers Potential Officer Familiarisation Visits involve briefings and hands-on physical engineering in the context of your future role as an officer in the Royal Engineers. A career as a Sapper Officer will give you a breadth of opportunities whilst developing and challenging you on operations overseas. Please contact us on officer@royalengineers.com with any queries or to book your place.

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