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Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (Individual) Chilwell (MTMC(I))

The Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (Individual) (MTMC(I)) is based at Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire.

The MTMC(I) prepares all branches of the Reserve Forces and Civilians for Service with the Regular Forces, in addition to Regular Individual Reinforcements. This can range from the deployment into an operational theatre or commitment for a peace time attachment.

As well as being the organisation that helps prepare reservists for active service the MTMC(I) have a part to play in welcoming the troops back into the UK and helping them return to their civilian lives, a process that also includes mental health welfare.


Mobilisation / Reserve Course

Army Reserve personnel and Regular Reservists attend a two week training package at MTMC(I) before mobilisation to Operational Theatre. Participants attend mandatory briefings, undergo administration, medical and dental checks, and receive all the kit/equipment required for their deployment. Training is undertaken is based on Level 1 Military Annual Training Tests (MATTs) 1 to 9.

Regular Individual Augmentees (RIA) Course

RIAs attend a one week training package at MTMC(I). It is mandatory for all personnel deploying to operational theatre. The training is based on Level 1 MATTs, 1 to 9.

United Nations Individual Replacements (UNIR) Course

This is a five day package based at MTMC(I), consisting of mandatory briefings and specific training for individuals deploying on United Nations missions to the Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo etc.

Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS)

Individuals attend two sessions at MTMC(I). One day one there are medical and dental inspections and a terms and conditions of service briefing. On day two there are administration and documentation checks, kit issue and Level 1 MATTs, 1 to 9.

Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO)

Civilian Contractors authorised through PJHQ to deploy to an operational theatre attend MTMC(I) for issue of personal protective equipment only.

Civilian Pre-Deployment Training

MTMC(I) also trains civilians - mainly MOD Civil Servants - who are deploying or visiting an operational theatre.

Training spans three days and covers many different aspects of life in theatre as well as current advice and information on health, safety and security. It includes a fitness assessment, first aid training (based on battlefield casualty drills and involving participation in casualty simulations), cultural briefs and a talk given by a civilian who has recently been in theatre.

This also covers the welfare package available to civilians before, during and after their tour/visit. We also ensure that each civilian receives and tests the correct Personal Protective Equipment required.

Prior to attending all civilians must undergo a medical and dental examination to ensure full fitness and updating of relevant vaccinations. In the main these are also carried out at MTMC(I).

Contact us

Our address is:

Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (Individual)
Building 10
Chetwynd Barracks

Tel: 0115 957 2694
Email us at this link

Videos explaining what happens at RTMC Chilwell

The journey starts here

Once a Reservist finds out he or she has been mobilised they will need to make a lot of preparations. These videos explain what happens at RTMC and how Reservists are trained for service with the Regular forces.

The paperwork and admin

The starting point is the pack of paperwork to help reservists prepare - 'read what is sent and do what it says'. The reporting instsructions explain about fitness, vaccinations and what needs to be packed.

Training exercises

RTMC prides itself on having training facilities that are operationallly up to date and relevant to current deployments. The battlefield simulation prepares soldiers for operations in Afghanistan.

Fitness training and spare time

There are plenty of fitness facilities in and around RTMC Chilwell. Off the camp is a variety of facilities like restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

What happens after RTMC?

What happens when you finish the course at RTMC? The training review board decides whether or not a Reservist is able to deploy. Following the RTMC course reservists go on to Lyd for mission-specific training.