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Regular Reserve

When a member of the Regular Army leaves, he or she remains liable to be recalled in times of need. This group is known as the Regular Reserve. The length of time people remain in the Regular Reserve depends on the length of their Regular service, age and sex. Ex-regulars often join the Volunteer Reserve Forces giving them a dual Reserve status.

Categories of Regular Reserve Service

Regular Army Reserve of Officers (RARO)

  • RARO I - Officers who transferred from the Regular Army Active List and officers who volunteered
  • RARO II - Officers transferred from Army Reserve Group A
  • RARO III - Officers commissioned for service with RLC/EFI
  • RARO V - Volunteers from The Royal Irish Regiment (Home Service Part-Time Element)


Regular Reserve

Regular Reserve is divided into two categories, Sections A and D. They both entail similar liabilities as to reporting, training and call-out but Section A is compulsory and Section D is voluntary. Army Reserve soldiers with particular employment qualifications may apply to join Section D on completion of their Army Reserve service. Members of the Long Term Reserve and Army Pensionersmay volunteer to join section D and may attest for periods of four years at a time. The upper age limit is normally 55.


Long Term Reserve

All male (but not female) soldiers who enlisted before 1 Apr 97 have a statutory liability for service in the Long Term Reserve until their 45th birthday. Men and women who enlisted on or after 1 Apr 97 serve for a total of 18 years or until age 55, in the Regular Reserve and Long Term Reserve combined from the date of completion of their full time Colour service. Long Term Reservists may only be recalled under Section 52 of the Reserve Forces Act (RFA) 1996, for home or overseas service, in case of imminent national danger or great emergency.



Until age 60 those in receipt of an Army pension may be recalled under Section 52 of the RFA 96 for home or overseas service, in case of imminent national danger or great emergency. Present policy is not to recall a pensioner who is over the age of 55.

Find out more about opportunities in the Army Reserve

Everybody joining the Army has to meet some basic entry requirements. Whether you serve full time as a Regular or in your spare time as a Reservist.

Joining the Army as a Reservist is the ideal option if you want to combine the benefits of an Army job with civilian life.

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