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REME Reserves

The REME Reservist will be trained as soldiers experiencing the same challenging and exciting military training as the rest of the Army but with the added bonus of technical development as military engineers.

REME Reserve Units

101 Battalion REME

Hightown Barracks, Kingsmill Road, Wrexham, LL13 8RD

Title|101 Battalion REME;Lat|53.040602;Lng|-2.987471;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/101bn.aspx

102 Battalion REME

The Aycliffe Armoury, Northfield Way, DL5 6UR

Title|102 Battalion REME;Lat|54.612237;Lng|-1.583617;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/102bn.aspx

103 Battalion REME

Army Reserve Centre, Kilnmead, Drawley, RH10 8BD

Title|103 Battalion REME;Lat|51.118611;Lng|-0.185143;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/103bn.aspx

104 Battalion REME

Army Reserve Centre, Clare Street, Northampton, NN1 3JQ

Title|104 Battalion REME;Lat|52.243405;Lng|-0.889996;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/104bn.aspx

105 Battalion REME

Army Reserve Centre, Ashmead Road, Keynsham, BS31 1SX

Title|105 Battalion REME;Lat|51.413602;Lng|-2.480883;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/105bn.aspx

106 Battalion REME

Army Reserve Centre, Kitchener House, Whitemoss, East Kilbride, G74 2HP

Title|106 Battalion REME;Lat|55.762794;Lng|-4.164212;Url|http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/106bn.aspx

REME Reserve Battalions and Companies are established throughout the UK to coordinate equipment support whilst recruiting and training their people. Reserve Battalions take orders from their Logistic Brigade and each one is partnered with a regular REME Battalion.

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There are a range of opportunities on offer in REME Reserve. If you need further advice or any questions than help is at hand, call the British Army recruiting helpline on 0845 600 8080
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The REME Reserves Offer

For Reservists, we offer you:

  • The opportunity to follow a full REME Reserve career.
  • A wide spectrum of training opportunities including military, sport and adventure training. Travel and adventure.
  • Personal development whether it’s fitness, fresh challenges or doing something different.
  • Camaraderie with a group of like-minded professionals.
  • Trade and career development that is accredited and that can enhance your civilian career.
  • Professional development as a leader, manager and engineer relevant to your rank/trade.
  • Encouragement and support to seek registration with professional engineering institutions.
  • Complementary personal and professional development for those in apprenticeships.
  • An extended military career for the ex-regular officer or soldier who transfers across.
  • The opportunity to do something worthwhile and purposeful.
  • An understanding that today’s workplace requires mobility and variable work patterns.

For the Reservist, we ask you to:

  • Attend at least 27 days training per year including a 2 week camp.
  • Commit fully to the Army way of life and to your professional development as a Reservist.
  • Respond positively, when called upon to mobilise for operations or other tasks.
  • Talk to your employer openly and fully about your Reserve service.

For employers, we offer you:

  • Personal and professional development of your staff with clear business benefits to you. You will see gains in: motivation, fitness, discipline, teamworking, robustness, selflessness, initiative, loyalty, flexibility, problem solving as well as technical skills and leadership.
  • World class, accredited leadership and management development for officers and NCOs.
  • Real leadership and management experience in routine as well as demanding situations.
  • Accredited, initial trade development by a national centre for engineering excellence.
  • Engineering Traineeships to help you identify apprentices with development potential.
  • Coordinated professional development for your engineering apprentices and graduates.
  • Open, timely dialogue about potential commitments as well as opportunities for your staff.
  • Public recognition for your support and cooperation over the Reserve service of your staff.

Typically, employing a member of the Reserves brings a wealth of benefits including increased productivity, enhanced skills, lower sickness rates, lower staff turnover, public recognition and even enhanced recruitment by attracting other reservists or ex-regulars.

For employers, we ask you to:

  • Actively support your reservist employees and consider signing a Corporate Covenant.
  • Release your reservist employees for their annual 15 day deployment exercise.
  • Release your reservist employees should they be mobilised* for operations or other tasks.

*Mobilisation is the process of calling Reservists into full-time service to support military operations. All members of the Reserve Forces are committed to the possibility of mobilisation if required, under the provisions of the Reserve Forces Act 1996. For more detailed information on how this affects you as an employee follow the link on the right to SaBRE's website.


Firstly ask your unit about new entrant incentives; a bonus of up to £2300 for new entrants and £10000 for re-joiners.

You get paid for each training session you attend, as a days pay or pro-rata, see Reserve rates of pay. For each day of service you will also earn a pension and accrue paid leave.

You will receive travelling expenses for each journey that you make to a training session, at 25p per mile up to 50 miles each way. (2016 rates)

For completing your minimum training commitment and passing your annual military tests you will be paid a tax free bounty of up to £1725. (2016 rates)

Army Reserve units

REME Army Reserve battalions

Like the regular REME battalions, a Army Reserve battalion is made up of predominantly REME officers and soldiers; they also contain all the various trades that REME Army Reserve has to offer.

The Army Reserve battalion is divided up into sections called companies but unlike the regular REME battalions, a Army Reserve company is not in the same place as their other companies. This makes it easier to travel to.

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