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3 Armoured Close Support Battalion


3 Armoured Close Support Battalion (3 Armd CS Bn) REME provides Equipment Support (ES) to 3 (UK) Division, 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade (20X), 101 Logistic Brigade and Force Troops Command (FTC) units, in order to support equipment capability at readiness. 

The unit consists of an HQ, 3 REME Companies and an RLC Stores Tp, together providing Mechanical, Electrical and Weapon repair as well as Equipment Recovery.  From 1 Jan 17, the Unit supports the Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade (VAIB) and on deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) will command the Combat Service Support (CSS) Group.

3 Bn is composed of the following:

  • Battalion HQ
  • 5 Armoured Close Support Company
  • 20 Armoured Close Support Company
  • 18 Field Coy


3 Armd CS Bn REME is located at Barker Barracks in the historical town of Paderborn in Germany. Paderborn is located in the Eastern part of the North Rhine-Westphalia state in Germany, approximately 40 minutes from Dortmund and 90 minutes from Hannover.  Originally founded as a Diocese its history has been closely aligned with that of the Catholic Church, being the temporary ‘Vatican’ housing Pope Leo III when he fled Rome and subsequently resulted in Charlemagne, who gave him refuge in Paderborn, being crowned Holy Roman Emperor.    

Supported Units

3 Armd CS Bn REME supports all 20X and British Forces Germany (BFG) units including 1 Prince of Wales Regiment (PWRR), Queens Royal Hussars (QRH), 26 Royal Artillery (RA) and 35 Engineer Regiment.

REME Reserve Bn Pairing

3 Armd CS Bn REME are paired with 105 Battalion REME, who are based in Bristol.


As an Armoured REME Battalion, the unit is heavily involved in support to training, exercising troops or conducting the full regeneration of the armoured fleet at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), Canada. In recent years the unit has been involved in exercises in UK, Poland, Canada, Germany and sent individuals to support tasks in the Falkland Islands, Kenya, Jordan, US and Oman.


Adventurous Training / Sport

 It is a Commanding Officer’s priority to ensure all soldiers and officers participate fully in all Sport and Adventurous Training activities. 

The unit offers a large range of sports all led by suitably qualified and experienced volunteers and all levels of ability are supported and encouraged. Unit personnel are also encouraged to complete Adventurous Training instructor courses in order to lead their own local or overseas expeditions.