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8 Training Battalion


8 Training Battalion REME is responsible for the trade training of all REME soldiers. Once a soldier has completed basic training, they will come to 8 Trg Bn to complete their chosen trade training for between 6 weeks and 2 years (depending on their trade). All REME soldiers regularly return to the Bn to complete further engineering training throughout their careers.

8 Training Battalion is composed of the following:

  • Alamein Company – responsible for Armourers and some Vehicle Mechanics. Lead Coy for Reserve training.
  • Helmand Company – responsible for Avionics and Electrical Technicians.
  • Normandy Company – responsible for Vehicle Mechanics.
  • Basra Company – responsible for Aircraft Technicians, Metalsmiths, Recovery Mechanics and Technical Stores Specialists.
  • Imphal Company– responsible for delivering military training in the Battalion.


8 Training Battalion is located at the purpose made The Prince Philip Barracks, Lyneham. Lyneham is conveniently located in the south of the UK. Travel to major cities and garrisons is easy, and the coast is less than 2 hours drive away.

Supported Units

As the Battalion responsible for delivering all REME trade training to the Army, every unit with attached REME tradesmen is supported directly by 8 Trg Bn REME.

REME Reserve Battalion Pairing

8 Trg Bn REME delivers training to reservists as well as regular tradesmen. The Bn has no formally paired reserve Battalion, but rather supports them all through the training it delivers.


As a training Battalion, we would not normally deploy as a whole unit. However, individuals in the unit may be utilised as individual augmentees at any location around the world.

Adventurous Training / Sport

As Lyneham is the home of the Corps of REME, the sports facilities are amongst the best the Army has to offer. Each Wednesday afternoon all members of the Bn attend some form of sport or adventurous training, as wide ranging as rugby, football and hockey to fencing, rock climbing and mountain biking.  

As the Battalion is only 90mins from South Wales, there are many opportunities to take part in minor expeditions held there, and during stand down periods, there are major overseas expeditions launched in nearly every type of adventurous training. We have conducted training in places as diverse as Iceland, Italy, France and North America.

Life with us is high tempo, however both trainees and members of permanent staff have many opportunities to enhance themselves, not only in the sphere of engineering but also personally and professionally.