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6 Armoured Close Support Battalion


6 Armoured CS Battalion REME is one of the Reactive Force Battalions and sits within 3 UK Division, as part of 101 Logistic Brigade, providing Equipment Support (ES) to 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade (1 AI Brigade). 

Working on a 3 year Training, Readiness/Committed and Other Tasks cycle, the Battalion is tasked to support an Armoured Task Force held at readiness.

6 Battalion is composed of the following:

  • 3 Armoured Company
  • 13 Field Company
  • 14 Armoured Company


6 Armoured CS Battalion REME are conveniently based on the edge of Salisbury Plain in the Tidworth Garrison. This is where the vast majority of the units we support are based and where armoured vehicle training takes place. Tidworth is ideally located in the south of the UK. Travel to major cities is easy and the coast is less than 2 hours drive. Being on a major Garrison offers huge opportunity both for military experience and for social engagements.

Supported Units

To fulfil our role it is vital we maintain close relationships with the Royal Tank Regiment, 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment, Household Cavalry Regiment and 4 Rifles as well at the 1 AI Brigade Headquarters. We also work very closely with 4 Armoured CS Battalion REME whose Headquarters buildings is alongside ours.

REME Reserve Battalion Pairing

We are paired with 101 Battalion REME, based in the North West of England. We support each other extensively on training, deployments, adventurous training to name but a few examples.


As an armoured unit we are part of the Reactive Force and armoured we are heavily involved with the exercise area in Canada (British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS). Here the Army exercises entire armoured units, both live firing and with lasers. We are heavily involved in the support to training by deploying on the Winter Repair Programme which sees every vehicle overhauled for the next training season as well as being part of the training. We also support and deploy on major exercises in the UK, mainly on Salisbury Plain. It is rare that a week goes by when 6 Armoured CS Battalion REME do not have some presence on the Plain!

Adventurous Training / Sport

There is plenty of Adventure Training throughout the year, with the Battalion having a team for all major sports, Nordic and alpine skiing, a thriving rock climbing club, offshore sailing and a large amount of equipment and instructors to facilitate expeditions. We have conducted AT in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and Canada to list but a few.

Life in 6 Armoured CS Battalion REME is high tempo however, it also provides lots of exceptional prospects for officers and soldier to deploy all over the world. An assignment to 6 Armoured CS Battalion REME will positively be rewarding and provide vital experience to take with you as you move onward with your career.