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Joining opportunities

Army Officer Scholarship Scheme (AOSS)

The Army Officer Scholarship Scheme (AOSS) is offered to talented students who have Regular Army Officer potential. 

Only 100 scholarships are awarded each year across the whole country so competition is tough. Scholarships are awarded on merit, irrespective of your background or method of schooling. 

The award of £3000 is made for Academic Year 13. Army Scholars also receive a provisional award of an Army Undergraduate Bursary.

Army Undergraduate Bursary

The Army Undergraduate Bursary is worth up to £7000, paid whilst you are at university. We grant up to 150 bursaries each year. Competition for them is tough and you need to apply through an Army Undergraduate Awards Board and pass the Army’s Officer Selection process to be offered the Bursary and, if successful, a provisional place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. 

You’ll be expected to join a University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) during your time at university and then serve as a Regular Officer for at least Three years after commissioning.

Army Undergraduate Bursary (Engineering)

The Army Undergraduate Bursary (Engineering) provides education and support to students preparing for a career as an engineer or technical officer in the Army. Aiming to produce the brightest and best Officers joining the Technical Corps of the Army through academic and sporting excellence, the scheme is an excellent proposition for anyone considering a career in the military. 

Bursars are awarded £4000 for each year of study; plus £4000 for a further year of a MSc or on arrival at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and commit to three years of regular service once they commission.

Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS)

At University you can apply for the DTUS program which is sponsored by 11 universities on a technical bursary (of £12,000) before joining Sandhurst to prepare for a career as a Regular Officer in one of the Army’s technical corps including the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. 

Whilst at university they will be members of one of the four DTUS Squadrons where they will conduct military and adventurous training and get paid for it.

In-Service Degree (ISD)

For those high calibre individuals with a technical background who successfully commission into the Corps, there is an opportunity to study a fully funded engineering degree as an officer. 

Candidates are selected on a case-by-case basis, were their academic background must deem them to be eligible to complete a technical degree with a route to Chartership. 

New applicants and serving soldiers commissioning from the ranks can be assessed for their eligibility to complete an ISD, with a three year return of regular service.

ISD Officers can complete their degrees at one of the following accredited universities across the country.

  • University of Portsmouth – Thunderer Squadron.
  • University of Southampton – Thunderer Squadron.
  • Imperial College London – Thunderer Squadron.
  • University of Birmingham – Taurus Squadron.
  • Aston University – Taurus Squadron.
  • University of Oxford - Taurus Squadron.
  • University of Cambridge – Typhoon Squadron.
  • Loughborough University – Typhoon Squadron.
  • Newcastle University – Trojan Squadron.
  • Northumbria University – Trojan Squadron.
  • University of Strathclyde – Trojan Squadron.


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