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Personal development

As a REME officer you will have excellent training opportunities both at Army level and by the Corps. The elements of training provided by the REME are designed to supplement Army training in order to prepare you for the appointments that you will undertake throughout your career.

All the training you receive provides a firm foundation for career development and provides you with a enviable set of skills should you choose to leave the Army.

Initial Training

Initial Training consists of Military and Leadership training which takes place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and REME young officers phase 2 training known as the Military Systems Engineering Course (Land) (MSEC(L)).

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Sandhurst is a 44 week long military and leadership development course attended by all Army Officers. In addition to military skills you will learn a range of management and communication skills in order to allow you to develop you own leadership style.

Military Systems Engineering Course (Land)

Each newly commissioned Second Lieutenant will attend an exciting 18 week in-depth course which will fully round off their leadership training from Sandhurst and ensure they are fully prepared to take on their first appointment as a professional enginner in the Army with confidence.

The course is broken down into 5 phases:

Phase 1 (2 weeks) – Introduction to the Corps - Allows the Officers to gain a detailed understanding of REME and how it operates in peace and war
Phase 2 (2 weeks) – Orientation Visit - Officers attend workplace familiaristation attachment at your first unit
Phase 3 (4 weeks)– Systems Engineering - Design and manage the Army's complex systems in preparation for your future postings
Phase 4 (3 weeks)– Artisan, Technician and Support Trades - Officers will gain a detailed understanding of the roles of REME soldiers through practical experience
Phase 5 (7 weeks)– REME Platoon Command Skills and Operations Planning

Further training

Subsequent training is designed to prepare you for future appointments, this will normally take place just before you move to a new post. There is also time to attend military courses and to gain adventure training qualifications.

Officers’ Long Aeronautical Engineering Course (OLAE)

Officers who wish to specialise in Army Aviation undertake the OLAE Course, which qualifies them to oversee and manage the maintenance and repair of the Army’s Helicopters. Once qualified, Aeronautical Engineering Officers (AEOs) are responsible for certifying whether aviation assets such as Apache, Lynx and Gazelle helicopters are airworthy. The course lasts 8 months based out of MOD Lyneham, before posting to an Aviation unit.

Chartered Engineer

All the training you receive and experience you gain is accredited by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Royal Aeronautical Society. Although not compulsory REME Officers are expected to become chartered engineers within 5-7 years as part of their normal career path. This will stand you in good stead whether you decide to have a full career in REME or leave to find civilian employment.

Adventure Training

Throughout your career you will have the opportunity not only to partake in Adventure training, but also attend courses and gain qualifications. The Corps of REME is large enough to support the full spectrum of activities and last year provided expeditions with over £160,000 in grants.

Military Training

You will also continue to develop your military skills during your career. There are infinite opportunities available from Command and Leadership Development to Media Operations courses available to all officers including those in the REME. You may also choose to complete the All Arms Commando Course or P Company.

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