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Regular Units

A modern high tech Army needs highly trained men and women to keep equipment working. The Role of the REME is to do just that; maintain, repair and manufacture equipment to keep battle winning aircraft, tanks and weapons in good working order.

Regular Unit locations

1 Close Support Battalion

Megiddo Lines, Catterick Garrison

Title|1 Close Support Battalion;Lat|54.369244;Lng|-1.629107;Url|/reme/41429.aspx

2 Close Support Battalion

RAF Leuchars

Title|2 Close Support Battalion;Lat|56.378175;Lng|-2.882445;Url|/reme/41430.aspx

3 Armoured Close Support Battalion

Barker Barracks, Paderborn, Germany, BFPO 22.

Title|3 Armoured Close Support Battalion;Lat|51.720060;Lng|8.785862;Url|/reme/41552.aspx

4 Armoured Close Support Battalion

Jellalabad Barracks, Tidworth Garrison, Wiltshire, SP9 7BN.

Title|4 Armoured Close Support Battalion;Lat|51.2319682;Lng|-1.6685317000000168;Url|/reme/41431.aspx

5 Force Support Battalion

Picton Barracks, Bulford, Wiltshire, SP4 9NY.

Title|5 Force Support Battalion;Lat|51.1910951;Lng|-1.7336046000000351;Url|/reme/41432.aspx

6 Armoured Close Support Battalion

Dehli Barracks, Tidworth Garrison, Wiltshire, SP9 7DX.

Title|6 Armoured Close Support Battalion;Lat|51.23319619999999;Lng|-1.6703417999999601;Url|/reme/41433.aspx

7 Avation Support Battalion

Wattisham Station, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7RA.

Title|7 Avation Support Battalion;Lat|52.12279789999999;Lng|0.9677604999999403;Url|/reme/41434.aspx

8 Training Battalion

Prince Philip Barracks, Lyneham, Wiltshire, SN15 9HB.

Title|8 Training Battalion;Lat|51.4649991;Lng|-2.1441041000000496;Url|/reme/41435.aspx

Equipment Support Squadron, Commando Logistics Regiment, Royal Marines

RMB Chivenor, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4AZ.

Title|Equipment Support Squadron, Commando Logistics Regiment, Royal Marines;Lat|51.0930474;Lng|-4.141342500000064;Url|/reme/41584.aspx

8 Field Company (Parachute), 13 Air Assault Support Regiment

Merville Barracks, Colchester, CO2 7UT.

Title|8 Field Company (Parachute), 13 Air Assault Support Regiment;Lat|51.8741618;Lng|0.8952084000000013;Url|/reme/41585.aspx
Every unit in the Army has members of the REME attached to it. How many and what trade depends on the size and role of the unit, i.e. an Infantry unit will more likely to have armourers to repair the weapons, an aircraft unit will have aircraft technicians.

If you enjoy variety, the men and women in REME can move around from one unit to another. This has the benefit of seeing another part of the world, working with different units and equipment as well as meeting and making new and more friends.

As well as being a skilled technician you will also need to be a trained soldier. As one of the Corps founders once said 'it is better to be a live soldier-technician than a dead super technician!'

Throughout you career, continuous military training will also need to be completed, this will keep you both fit and in full working order so that you can do likewise to the equipment needed by others.

A REME Battalion

A REME Battalion is the largest single unit that contains mainly REME Officers and Soldiers of various trades.

Because of its size, the Battalion is placed some distance behind the front line, this enables it to repair some of the larger more complex jobs, e.g. engine replacements.


A REME Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

Each regiment, will have REME soldiers attached to it. The soldiers normally form a small workshop that is called a Light Aid Detachment (LAD). From here, REME soldiers can maintain and repair the units equipment where and when it breaks down.

If the repair is too large and complex they can ask the REME Battalion to carry out the repairs. In the Battlefield, the LAD will follow the unit, therefore the LAD will also drive and operate similar vehicles.