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Mindfulness - Bringing your Mind and Body Together

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Everyone is stressed.  Everyone has pressures.  And it is hard to slow down in this fast-paced world. 

Put very simply, Mindfulness helps you to focus on the present, rather than focussing on the past.  It is not about trying to clear your mind but allowing thoughts and emotions to come and go.  It enables you to have mind and body in the same place, at the same time, which helps you become calm and see what is happening around you with greater clarity.

A specialised skill in mental awareness, attention and acceptance, and associated with many health benefits, Mindfulness can help with self-regulation and difficulty managing emotions and can help to improve concentration. 

Mindfulness is a specialised skill in mental awareness, attention, and acceptance that is associated with numerous health benefits. Mindfulness training allows practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, and a more accepting and compassionate relationship to their internal and external experiences.

Welcome to the Army’s Mindfulness Course which has been available to serving Army personnel for some time, but it has now been opened up to a wider audience. Although this is an eight-week course, and it will be rolled out over eight weeks, it is designed so you can go at your own pace.

Before starting you MUST read the Disclaimer

Introduction to Mindfulness

Capt Pat Burgess talks about what Mindfulness is, where it is used, and what it can do. He talks about the importance of living in the moment, because the future is in your imagination, and the past is just your perception, he goes on: “Anxiety is too much future; depression is too much past”. And he reminds us that we own our minds and need to ensure they work for us. He closes with a challenge to start the journey on his eight-week course.


Week 1 - Auto Pilot

Capt Burgess explains how, with commitment and practice, mindfulness can help us to manage grief, anxiety and even sleep problems. The lesson covers the mind’s ability to switch to auto pilot, and how to manage that so we have greater control.

Week 1 - Auto Pilot


Homework Week 1

1. Practice the guided body scan above for 6 out of 7 days.

Persevere with the practice and don't strive; your experience is just that.

2. Choose one activity in your daily life (brushing teeth, taking a shower, washing up, hoovering etc.) and really  experience the activity.

Complete the practice record form after each practice, making a note of anything that you notice.

Week 2 - Setting Patterns

This lesson will be released here on: 17 October 2019