Flexible Service


Why does the Army need Flexible Service?

The Continuous Attitude Surveys undertaken by all service personnel have highlighted that for many of our people, achieving a better work-life balance is increasingly important.

Flexible Service is designed with this work-life balance in mind and will offer greater choice to all soldiers. As well as ensuring the Army maintains its place as a modern organisation, it is anticipated that Flexible Service will aid retention – allowing us to ensure talented individuals stay in the Army for longer.

Flexible Service demonstrates the importance we place on supporting our people. Major General Ivan Jones CB, Director Personnel

What’s is Flexible Service?

Flexible Service enables Regular personnel to apply, for a temporary period, to work part-time and/or restrict their separation from their place of work.  It comes as a result of a very successful Flexible Duties Trial. 

Flexible service complements the existing Flexible Working policies which include:

• Working from home

• Variable Start and Finish times

• Compressed hours

• Transfer of leave

• Special Unpaid Leave