Managing Your Finances

Personal finance is an individual responsibility and the Service chain of command has no right to interfere. Service life can create additional difficulties and financial mismanagement can create additional stress on Service Personnel and their families.

The Army has a responsibility to help personnel become more financially aware and secure. There is a range of good financial education, tools and advice available to Service Personnel and their families.

Money Force

MoneyForce provide education rather than financial products and can help families with savings and budget planning to ensure they stay within their means. They are the Army’s go to firm to help soldiers who are struggling with financial debt. They should be considered as part of any debt awareness training and debt management plans.

Joint Forces Credit Unions

The MOD has arranged for three credit unions to deliver saving facilities and access to safe, affordable loans. These are Plane Saver Credit Union, London Mutual Credit Union and the Police Credit Union. Due to technical limitations, only these credit unions are enabled to receive payroll deductions through DBS (i.e. money can be taken directly from your military salary each month before reaching your account).

Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel

Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP). SIIAP is an advisory panel of regulated insurance, investment and mortgage companies, recognised by the Ministry of Defence, and specialising in providing advice and information to members of HM Forces.

Discover my Benefits.

Discover my Benefits. This tool helps you find out what benefits and allowances you will be entitled to as a Service person. You will be able to check your exact eligibility on some of these. Speak to your Unit HR to find out exactly what you’re entitled to and how to make a claim.


If financial problems are related to gambling or if gambling is creating wider domestic problems, seek help and advice; it is better to face these issues sooner and get guidance and assistance early. The NHS has a useful website for those concerned that their gambling habit may be excessive. It allows you to check whether your gambling is a problem, and if so provides sources of help and self-help tips, as well as guidance if someone else’s gambling has an impact on you.

NHS Gambling Support