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A career in the Armed Forces is career like no other – but it also comes with a unique set of challenges that are unlike anything you’ll find on ‘Civvy Street’. We recognise the sacrifices our people make, and in return, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re looked after throughout your Army career and beyond.


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Additional needs and disability

Having a family member with an additional need and/or a disability can make life more complicated.

Childcare and Education

The Army knows that at times it can be difficult to access affordable childcare, and some schemes are available to assist with the cost.

Adoption and Fostering

The Army recognises that many families are both willing and well suited to the adoption and fostering of children.


Safeguarding ensures children grow up in consistent circumstances with the provision of safe and effective care.

Army Parents Network

Supports Serving Army Parents and the Chain of Command by providing access to information, advice and peer support.

Preparing for relocation

The nature of Service life means that families are often required to move from one location to another.


The Armed Forces and families are able to live in high quality subsidised accommodation both in UK and overseas.

Relationship breakdown

The breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership is a private matter between two individuals, but the Army is able to offer help and support.

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

The Army is working towards removing the barriers to reporting domestic abuse and providing appropriate and sensitive support.

Partner Employment and Training

More than three quarters of non-serving partners are in employment and rising, despite significant barriers to employment existing.

Overseas Support

For families accompanying a Service person on a posting overseas. The Army will try to replicate the provisions that the state makes in UK.

Support with Deployment

Providing appropriate support to families when a soldier is deployed is an important component of ensuring a successful mission.

Bereavement and Aftercare

The Joint Casualty and Compassionate Cell is the lead organisation following the death, injury or serious illness of a Service Person.

Managing your finances

Service life can create additional difficulties and financial mismanagement can create additional stress on Service Personnel and their families.

Armed Forces Covenant

Aims to ensure that Service Personnel, their dependents and veterans are not disadvantaged in the provision of goods and service.

Legal Advice

UK law is very wide-ranging, and there are experts in different areas of the law. Learn more about what advice you can obtain here.


You can register to vote in any of three ways: in person, by post, or by proxy (having someone else cast the vote on your behalf).


Many charities specifically look after the Armed Forces community, but you are also able to approach non-Service charities.

Department for Work and Pensions Benefits

Benefits can cover most aspects of family life, from support to people on low earnings, to accommodation and heating.


The HIVE Information Service provides information on behalf of the chain of command to the Service community.

Service Leavers and Veterans

The Government defines a Veteran as anyone who has served for at least one day in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve).