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Overseas Support

For families who are accompanying a Serviceperson on a posting overseas the general rule of thumb is that the Army/MOD will try to replicate the provisions that the state makes in UK.

Education and Healthcare

This support will cover areas such as schooling, medical and welfare matters, among others. The pages on education and healthcare explain this further in those specific contexts. 

Additional needs or disabilities

If you or any of your family have additional needs or a disability, it is important that this is registered, as some forms of need cannot be catered for in overseas locations.

See the page on additional needs and disability for further information.

Additional Needs and Disability

Moving overseas

Most postings overseas will be as a result of a unit move.

In those circumstances the Serviceperson’s unit will provide advice of how the move will be managed.

If you have any specific concerns you should contact the Unit Welfare Officer.

Where the posting is an individual move, the Chain of Command can still provide support.

Living overseas

Beyond the physical move itself, the unit will also provide information on how best to prepare for living in your new location in terms of motoring, insurance, pets etc. HIVE have produced a handy series of Overseas Location Guides. These are available from your local HIVE, so you can ask well in advance of moving.

The Serviceperson may be paid additional allowances in order to compensate for the additional costs of living overseas.

Overseas opportunities

Major garrisons overseas will provide opportunities for you, such as learning the language, and in some cases there are employment opportunities. They will also be able to help you get the most from your time out of the UK. The British Forces Broadcasting Service provide television and radio to most garrisons outside the UK.