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The nature of Service life means that families are often required to move from one location to another. Moves for Service reasons are supported with associated removal and disturbance expenses, which are detailed in JSP 752, Chapter 12 - Relocation. 

The co-ordination, movement and storage of personal effects is delivered by the MOD contractor, Global Removals Management Service (GRMS).

For families, moving will often mean new schools, GPs, dentists etc. While this is never easy, commitments made by Other Government Departments under the Armed Forces Covenant have made this transition less stressful. Some families who choose to move with the Service Person but who want greater continuity for their child(ren)’s education may choose to apply for Continuity of Education Allowance towards the cost of boarding.


Retention of Current House

In some circumstances, families will not be required to move to a new duty station on posting and can request to continue to live in the Service Family Accommodation they currently occupy. The period of retention is restricted and will be authorised for a maximum period of 12 months, although this may be extended if required.

 Some families choose to buy their own home and live there, irrespective of where the Service Person is posted. The Forces Help to Buy Scheme can assist families by offering a interest-free loan to purchase their first property or to move on posting, or where their family circumstances change.


Leaving Service

Leaving Service will impact on entitlement to Service-provided accommodation. If you have received notice to vacate your SFA, and need help and guidance in connection with loss of entitlement there is a dedicated team who can be contacted at [email protected].

Personnel and their families are strongly advised to consider their housing options during the course of the Service Person’s career in order they can settle appropriately after Service. Key sources of information and advice are the Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO), Army Family Federation (AFF), housing advice centres and local authorities.