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Healthy Soldier Cookbook

Healthy Soldier Cookbook

The FREE Healthy Soldier Cookbook: simple recipes to make a healthy, tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and smoothie…


The Healthy Soldier Cookbook contains some delicious recipes for soldiers who choose to cook their own meals. This includes the Strawberry Breakfast Bowl, Chilli Salmon Parcel, Asian Vegetable and Carrot Chow Mein and Mighty Berry Protein Smoothie.

Healthy Eating with Michelin Starred Chef Adam Gray


These recipes have been designed so that they can be made with very basic cooking equipment, all you require is a microwave or a hob and some simple utensils like a saucepan, frying plan, knives and chopping board.

Chicken Korma - Healthy Soldier Cookbook

Cous-Cous - Healthy Soldier Cookbook