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Additional Needs and Disability

Having a family member with an additional need and/or a disability can make life more complicated. The Army recognises that Service life can add to this difficulty, and support is at hand. This can come from MOD, wider Government, Local Authorities, NHS and specific charities.


It is very important to register a family member’s additional need and /or disability with the chain of command, so that they are aware that your family may require extra support. This is done using the form included within AGAI 108 which is sent to your Career Manager in APC which considering appropriate assignments.

Overseas Posting

If your family is due to be posted overseas, there is a pre-screening process that will be required before you will be given clearance to move. This takes account of the fact that delivery of healthcare overseas may be different to that in the UK. Medical pre-screening for Army families assigned to any overseas locations will be screened through the Global Medical Supportability Cell (GMSC). Tri Service policy for supporting an overseas assignment is held in JSP 770 Operational and Non-Operational welfare Ch 2. Failure to declare any medical, welfare or educational needs prior to arrival in country could lead to the Service Person remaining unaccompanied and their family returning at individual expense where needs identified cannot be supported.

Policy and Guidance

The policy and guidance to the support additional needs and disabilities is outlined in JSP 820. While this is intended for use by the staff delivering support, it also will give you an idea of what the Army should do in terms of housing, educational support, and medical screening in advance of an overseas posting.

Housing and Education

Housing. A flowchart has been produced outlining the procedure for requesting adaptations when applying for Service Family Accommodation (SFA). Another flowchart outlines the procedure for requesting adaptations to your current SFA. In certain circumstances, you may be able to retain your SFA on posting.

The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides support to Service children across a range of areas, including those with special educational needs or a disability.

Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum (FANDF)

Organised by the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Families Association (SSAFA), FANDF is a support group for those in the military who have a family member with an additional need or disability. It gives families and individuals with an opportunity to discuss ways of ensuring that both children and adults with additional needs and disabilities have access to the best support available. FANDF have produced a handy guide for Service families.

Army Families Federation (AFF)

AFF have a Health and Additional Needs Specialist who is able to provide advice.