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Army Skills

Tim Jones

Skills and Confidence that I Can Pass On

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Tim Jones is his sons’ hero.  First, he was a soldier, and now he is a fireman, and his boys can’t believe their luck they live with the dream daddy giving them top bragging rights at school.

In 2004, at 19 years old Tim joined the Army, serving first in the Royal Signals before transferring to become a British Army Photographer.  In his 13 years’ service, Tim visited 32 different countries, 11 of them during his last two years, when he was part of a high readiness Combat Camera Team, which saw him cover operations anywhere from Iraq and the Baltics; to humanitarian missions in the Caribbean, and flood relief in Cumbria.  In his last Army role Tim won many awards for his photography, which remains a pastime and a job for him alongside his other work and pastimes.

Tim left the Army in 2017 to join Avon Fire and Rescue Service in Bristol as a Firefighter.  He believes a lot of his Army training has helped him slot easily into this new life, which is so much more than fighting fires.  Since joining 18 months ago, he has helped in local flood relief and is active in the community.  He said, “military, emergency services, whatever; when people see the uniform, they’re so grateful to see you turn up; they know you know the business.”

“I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m now a Scout leader where I teach life skills from firefighting to survival skills; last night I taught CPR. Those skills come from the Army. Hopefully, they will never have to use CPR, but these young Scouts now could save a life if they needed to. It’s great to I’ve brought those skills and that confidence from the Army to the Fire Service and am able to pass it onto these youngsters ”