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Paul Kinkaid

I know how to be the leader a situation requires

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After 20 years’ service, Army Commando Paul Kinkaid left the military at 43 to do something he is absolutely passionate about.

Three years later, through his business “Selfless Leadership”, Paul shares knowledge he developed while leading soldiers all over the world and also observing the leadership styles of others; but perhaps more importantly by watching how those styles impact the people being led.

Based on the south coast of England, but with experience on deployments all over the world from the jungles of South-East Asia and Central America through to commanding the British operation in Ukraine, Paul delivers leadership training all over the world. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he continues to share his wisdom via Webinars on platforms such as Zoom and Skype. He said, “but only last year, in different times, I was diving in the Med with my son and another party got into trouble. My TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) training immediately kicked in and I was able to help those people through a really distressing situation; your Army training never leaves you.

"After 20 years of leading elite soldiers into some of the most dangerous places on the planet, I know how to be the leader a situation requires, and that allows me to mentor others through their own leadership challenges more effectively. I empower people to make better, faster decisions under extreme pressure, and how to plan to manage the results of the hardest decisions – that’s got to be good for business."

After his time in the field, and a nasty training accident falling from a helicopter which left him recovering from a broken spine, Paul became an Army trainer, sharing his knowledge with other soldiers. Holding five high level qualifications from degrees to Master’s in subjects ranging from materials engineering to Human Resources. He expanded, "I spent my last years in the Army designing and delivering a range of technical and leadership training packages to the UK’s strategic partners across the Middle East and Eastern Europe from Ambassador to conscript. My experience, and what I teach, has proven success in environments ranging between extreme danger, family and business."