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Lizzy Stileman

looking at the bigger picture, prioritising the needs


Lizzy Stileman spent 20 years as an Army Officer in the Royal Logistic Corps which helped her to develop wide ranging leadership skills, gave her the opportunities to learn how to cope with different people and their different needs and taught her how to see a bigger picture.

Her military career included many operational and training deployments worldwide. Lizzy had the honour of being selected as a Company Commander at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, training and developing the skills of the next generation of Army officers.  

On leaving the Army, Lizzy completed a Master of Disaster Management degree and formed her own company to deliver disaster management and Hostile Environment Awareness Training to the humanitarian sector. This is proving to be highly successful with overseas training delivered in Kenya, China, the Middle East and within the UK and draws on the many skills she developed in the Army to deliver that training.  

Lizzy joined the disaster response charity, Team Rubicon UK, in January 2017 and has subsequently deployed many times and to different countries as a volunteer delivering aid, providing practical support, last-mile logistics and coordinating and prioritising needs in chaotic and devastated environments. In October 2019, Lizzy became a Trustee as well as remaining an active volunteer. Team Rubicon UK very recently rebranded to become RE:ACT; the charity is doing the same thing, with the same amazing people, but this time entirely British. 

Many of the skills Lizzy uses in her business and as a volunteer were skills she learnt during her military career and have remained ingrained in her. 

Lizzy lives in Hertfordshire and is in the Army Reserve. She is an active sportswoman; playing golf and tennis enthusiastically, and walking, mountain and road biking whenever she gets the chance.

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