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Army Skills

Lee Evans

The Army taught me how to be a good leader with high standards of discipline and confidence

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Lee Evans joined the Army in 2006 at the age of 18, originally from the Rhondda Valleys joining the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards was an obvious choice. 

Lee served from 2006 to 2010 and completed operational tours of Bosnia and Afghanistan and was proud to be able to take part in numerous Public Duties. He remembers his deployments as being quite tough but enjoyable at the same time. He said: “it’s quite hard to explain but when you are on operational tour the routine and conditions can be quite tough but being away with your mates is really enjoyable and you soon forget the tough times and remember the fun we had”.

Lee has been in uniformed service since he first joined the army. From the Army he went into the Prison Service and from there joined the Home Office Police. At that time, he didn’t know anything about the Civil Nuclear Constabulary but the more he learnt about them the more he became interested and has now served with them for 5 years and believes this is where he will make his full career.  

Lee believes that there are a lot of similarities between his former Army career and his current job. He says that the obvious ones are the fact that they are both uniformed and armed services but in addition he says that the amount of responsibility you have as an individual and the fact that you have to be confident in your decision making when you are in certain situations are very similar.  

He said: “The Army taught me skills such as weapon handling, search and patrolling drills and gave me the confidence and experience to work with and carry firearms whilst on duty so transitioning into this role was quite easy. But I learnt a lot from the soldiers around me, particularly the Corporals and the Sergeants. They had great leadership qualities and I try to use their example as a handrail to guide me in this job and it seems to be working because I am now a sergeant within the Civil Nuclear Constabulary”.

Lee believes that his 5 years in the Army provided the foundation for his future. He said: “Leaving South Wales at the age of 18, the Army provided me with the skills and experience that allowed me to grow into the person I am today. It gave me many practical skills but also taught me how to be a good leader with high standards of discipline and confidence, and these are skills I use every day”.   

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