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Ana Lavekau

More opportunities lay ahead

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As someone who feels very connected to the art and culture of her Fijian heritage, having been raised by strong Fijian women in Rewa Province in central Fiji.  Ana Lavekau now champions Pacific Art, Design and Culture on the platform of London Pacific Fashion Week, where she gathers together fashion designers from the Pacific region in London to coincide with London Fashion Weeks, in order to promote their own brands, and for them to see inside the global fashion industry. Ana masterminds the events to ensure the widest possible audience is exposed to their work.

Lavekau has represented over 50 designers from al over the world.  She said, “to have our own South Pacific fashion platform during London Fashion Week is key; it provides a creative voice for artisans to show their work to the world through performing arts, creative design…they get opportunities to further their labels in the European market and feature in London fashion magazines.”

Ana Lavekau is a truly delightful and unique woman.  It is not at all surprising she preferred to write her own back story:

When I joined the Army in 2006, I was determined to make the most of it.  Joining very late at the age of 28; I initially signed up as a Chef as I had not spent enough years in the UK to be vetted as a HR Specialist.  After returning from my first tour to Afghan in 2008 I was then given the green light to finally transfer as a HR Specialist.  This led to my second tour to Afghan in 2010 where I felt I was not alone as my younger brother also deployed with his regiment.

After spending 9 Years actively working as a HR Specialist, I finally decided to make a move to PR/Media Relations for the Army.  Looking back at my career I would strongly recommend that if you are looking at serving in the British Army; remember that your chosen career path is just the start to more opportunities that lay ahead.

I have lost comrades over the years and I have also made a lot of new friends.  I have also worked with some Top British Army soldiers/Senior Non-Commissioned Officers/Officers and now I utterly enjoyed working with Regional Brigades.  I’ve served with Logisticians, Tri-Service, Special Forces, Guards Division, Armoured/Aircrew, REME, Infantry and Engineers and Media OPS.

I am lucky to have a wider Army network but more importantly I feel that we are protected in it.  It is a job foremost but let’s not forget that we are also part of society.