Transition to Civilian Life

Life Skills is an element of Personal Development, part of the Army’s Whole Life Development Strategy but includes support to Service families.

The Army recognises that life can be challenging, even more so in the Services, due to its mobile nature.  Life Skills is the through-career offer of information, advice and guidance to help our serving personnel and families to develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate their way through life.  Early awareness, forward planning and sound decision making helps to build personal and collective resilience and improved social mobility.  The HARDFACTS Monitor tool will help serving personnel and families to identify areas of potential vulnerability and access early support.

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Life Skills

Leaving the Army  can be an anxious and stressful time  for both the Service leaver and their family.  Early engagement with Life skills prior to resettlement reduces the pressure at end of Service, and the HARDFACTS Assessment tool helps to identify and prioritise resettlement activity so that they are able to contribute fully to civilian life.

The Life Skills team works closely with Veterans UK Defence Transition Services (DTS), Joint Services Housing, Local Authorities, Employers, the NHS and Service Charities to ensure continuity of support for those Service leavers and families who require it.