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Are you looking to rejoin?

If you miss the camaraderie, sense of duty and financial stability that an Army career provides, find out about rejoining the Regular Army.  
The Army always values the diverse and valuable experiences, skills, qualifications and trades that are accumulated during their Regular and Reserve service and welcomes applications from soldiers who have left the service. 

To make it easier for former soldiers to return to regular service the Army is running a trial in Scottish units.

Can I rejoin?

  • If you are an ex-Regular soldier who has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, you can apply to rejoin at any time.

  • Rejoiners can start the application process as long as they enlist before their 57th birthday. 

  • If you left the Army in the last 36 months, you may be eligible to apply to rejoin as a Fast Track rejoiner.

  • Rejoiners are assessed on a case by case basis.

What is the trial?

  • The trial will provide you with temporary employment in a Unit whilst you kick start your rejoiner application.  The Army will use your status as a Regular Reservist (i.e. as a service leaver) to call you out for Annual Training. You will get: 
    • Temporary paid employment for up to 5 weeks at the rank that you left at,
      including a Reporting Grant of £120 (taxable) and a Training Bounty of £427 if you
      complete the training commitment. 
    • Military training to get you back up to speed from when you left. 
    • Some assistance and mentoring through the rejoin process.

Why is the Army doing this?

This trial is being run to offer an additional gateway to potential rejoiners.  By putting a Unit lead on the rejoin pathway, the Army aims to target service leavers that can’t or won’t apply to rejoin on-line but will do in person.  The Army is committed to ensuring that the rejoin pathway is a positive and easy experience.  By getting the Units more involved with the process it is hoped that the Army can increase the number and success rate of applications. The trial will be evaluated to see whether this process is something that can be implemented across all Units.

When is the trial running?

You have from 9 - 20 November 20 to join the trial.  This is the period where you can arrive
at one of the participating Units to be called out for Annual Training. 

The trial finishes on 10 December 20. The amount of training you get, and the amount of
money you get paid, will depend on when you get called out for Annual Training.  
E.g. If you arrive at a participating Unit on 9 November you will get 5 weeks training.  If you
arrive at a participating Unit on 20 November, you will get 3 weeks training.

Where is the trial running?

The trial is running across Scotland. The Units hosting the trial are: 

  • 3 SCOTS – Fort George Barracks, Ardersier, IV2 7TE 
  • 5 SCOTS – Redford Barracks, Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0PP 

You do not have to have previously served at one of these Units, or be a member of these
capbadges, to be eligible but the focus is on ex-Infanteers.


What COVID restrictions are in place?

A Health Screening questionnaire has been designed to give you and the Army rapid guidance about your fitness to return to military training in the COVID-19 environment and whether you require additional medical assessment.   

The link below will take you to an on-line form which you will need to complete between 48- 72 hours before returning. 
Significant measures have been put in place at the trial units to ensure that they are COVID-secure. You should not travel to a Unit if you consider you are ‘at risk’.  

Click here for COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire


Am I eligible for the trial?

You must meet the following criteria: 

  • Service type.  You must be a member of the Regular Reserve (generally this means you have left the Regular Service within the last 6 years).  If you are not Regular Reserve, and instead are Recall Reserve, will need to volunteer to move back into the Regular Reserve to participate.  This is a simple administrative process undertaken by the Army Personnel Centre (APC) and will need to be done on the first day that you arrive in Unit for the trial. 
  • Civilian Employment.  You must be immediately available to participate. The trial is aimed at Service leavers who are not currently in active civilian employment. The call out for Annual Training is not a permanent offer of employment and you should not leave civilian employment to participate.  Unlike other types of Army ReserveMobilisation this trial does not compensate your employer if you choose to take part. 
  • Medical Status.  You must have left Regular Service as either Medically Fully
    Deployable (MFD) or Medically Limited Deployable (MLD).
  • Rank.  The trial is open to all previous ranks but is aimed at Pte to Cpl. Once on the trial you will wear the rank awarded to you during your previous Regular service (to note – this does not guarantee that if you successfully rejoin the Army you will do so at this rank).
  • Trade / Capbadge.  The focus for the trial is ex-Infantry soldiers (SCOTS, SG, PARA, and Scotland based members of R IRISH and R WELSH) but other capbadges and trades will be welcomed.
  • Desire to rejoin Regular service.  You must want to rejoin the Regular Army and be eligible to do so.  You will complete your Regular Service rejoiner application on arrival at Unit.   

There are 75 places for eligible candidates on the trial. Places will be offered on a first come,
first served basis for individuals that meet the criteria.

Why might I not be eligible for the trial?

This could be for any number of reasons, but typically: 

  • You are in the Army Reserve, either assigned to a Unit or in the ARRG. 
  • You have an ongoing Regular rejoin application with Recruiting Group; i.e. you are already ‘in-flight’. 
  • You do not meet the Regular rejoin criteria as outlined in AGAI 40 (as outlined on

What else do I need to know?

What do financial assistance do I get?  If you are eligible for the trial and are called out for Annual Training, you will receive:    

  • Reporting Grant.  A taxable reporting grant payment of £120  
  • Daily pay.  A daily rate for each day that you undertake training (to note: there is no training over the weekend, so payment will be Mon-Fri). Pay rates are at the same rank as when the you left service with 5% X-Factor. 
  • Training Bounty.  A Training Bounty of £427 when the you complete 10 days of Annual Training.  
  • When do I get paid?  You will receive the Reporting Grant and Training Bounty as soon as you are eligible for them.  The money earnt as days training will be paid to you at the end of December/ early January.  
  • What training do I receive? You will receive low level training to revise your basic military knowledge. This will include lessons on MATTs. The training programme will run from Mondays to Fridays.  You will be unable to take part in Unit PT and Military exercises until you have completed your rejoiner medical, but you will have opportunity to use the Gym and follow a return to fitness programme. 
  • Does the trial speed up the Rejoiner process?  No.  You will still follow the same process as rejoiners not on the trial and you will not be given any special treatment by Recruiting Group.  However, as part of the trial the Army will evaluate whether Unit involvement in a mentoring capacity will have any effect in application momentum and your drive and motivation to stay engaged with the process. 
  • Does participation on the trial guarantee a successful Regular service rejoin application? No.  The application process is managed by Recruiting Group who will check your eligibility and suitability for Regular service.  This is separate to the trial.  There may be occasions where a service leaver has rejoined his or her former unit under this trial but then subsequently doesn’t meet the criteria for rejoining Regular service.  If this happens you will be given the opportunity to complete the 10 days training commitment to qualify for the training bounty but then you, the individual’s temporary employment will be terminated after they have met their training commitment. We cannot comment on individual cases.
  • What happens at the end of trial?  At the end of the trial period the Annual Training will be terminated, and you will stop getting paid.  It is hoped that you will be significantly through the rejoin process and, if successful, will receive an offer of employment within a few weeks.  If your application is still in the early stages of the rejoin process you will continue to be offered Unit mentoring as you progress, or you may be offered other temporary employment routes if suitable and you meet the eligibility.

What do I need to bring? 

Once you arrive at the Unit, providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be called out for Annual Training straight away. You need to take enough clothes and items for up to 5 weeks Military Training. The Unit will be able to provide more detail when you contact them, but the following is a guide: 
Essential: Documents to complete the Army rejoin process; these are: 

  • Driving licence (if held) 
  • Passport 
  • 2x documents showing proof of address 

Desirable: If you still have uniform (such as MTP combat shirt, MTP combat trousers, MTP smock; boots; PT Kit) bring them with you – otherwise a very basic kit issue will be provided by the Unit.


How do I apply? 

If you want to participate in the trial, these are your next steps: 
1. Phone any one of these numbers below before 20 November 2020 (working hours only). They will provide you with further information on the trial, arrange a travel warrant as appropriate, and liaise with APC to check your eligibility: 

  • 2 SCOTS 0131 310 3260 or 3388
  • 3 SCOTS 07814 613928
  • 5 SCOTS 0131 310 5678 or 07976179048
  • 6 SCOTS 03001582514 or 07939016767 (or Army Reserve Centre)
  • 7 SCOTS 07411 551702 (or Army Reserve Centre)
  • SCOTS RST 0131 310 5770 or 07903009173

2. Complete the COVID Health Screening questionnaire between 48-72 hours before arrival at Unit.

Click here for COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire

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