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Legal Advice


Legal Advice in the UK

A family member requiring legal advice in the UK should contact a solicitor. Your local Unit Welfare Office, HIVE and Citizens Advice Bureau will hold a list of local solicitors.

UK law is very wide-ranging, and there are experts in different areas of the law.

Before you consult a solicitor, it is important to get an estimate of costs. You may be entitled to Legal Aid. Some solicitors operate a system where the initial consultation is free.


The Law Overseas

If you accompany a Service Person overseas, you will also become subject to certain aspects of Military Law.

This is partly for your own protection so that the Army can deal with cases rather than a civilian court. In such cases, an investigation will be conducted by the Military Police, and you might attend either a standing civilian court or a court-martial.

When overseas, you need to comply with the laws of whichever country you are in, and it is important to make sure that you are familiar with those that might affect you.


Writing a Will

It is essential for Service Personnel and spouses to make a will.

Service Personnel can make a basic will using MOD Form 106, while dependents can access a form at a local stationers.