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Joining as a Non-UK National

Commonwealth soldiers are, and always will be, an important and valued part of the fabric of the British Army. Due to an unprecedented number of applications for a limited number of jobs, we are no longer inviting applications from Commonwealth nationals at this point but will keep the situation under review.

We thank all Commonwealth candidates and their sponsors for their patience and commitment in these uncertain times.

You can find out more information about joining as a Non-UK national from the links below or by visiting our Nationality & Commonwealth page. 


For your family to come to the UK, you and your family must meet the minimum income and English language requirements.

The current minimum income requirements to bring in entitled family members are:

Partner (no children) = £18,600
Partner + one child = £22,400
Partner + two children = £24,800
Partner + three children = £27,200

Service Personnel earn enough on completion of training to bring a partner or spouse to the UK, but it might take you several years to earn enough to bring your family to the UK.

You'll also need to pay their travel and visa costs. Entry visa costs are changed every April. A visa for 2022/2023 costs £1,538 per person. You can find more information about visa fees on the Government website.


A partner must be either a spouse or civil partner, or a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner. Service family members who are subject to immigration control, including where the service person is a UK national, must enter the UK under Immigration Rules Appendix Armed Forces on Form VAF AF if they wish to establish a family life. This will allow a spouse/civil partner the opportunity to work in the UK and to claim some state benefits, which depend on meeting the relevant rules.

Families entering on a Visitor Visa will not be entitled to Service Family Accommodation, and they will need to return to their country of origin on expiry of the visa.


Entering under Immigration Rules Appendix Armed Forces allows the family to progress towards settling in the UK through being granted Indefinite Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Enter (depending on whether you apply from within or outside the UK). Settlement is a step towards applying for British Citizenship, if the family wishes.


The cost of visas, applying for citizenship, or returning home at the end of the service person’s career can be considerable. That’s why we offer a range of savings plans that are specifically designed for the non-UK national community.

If you have any questions or concerns over immigration or visa issues, you can consult the Army Families Federation (AFF) website. AFF have trained immigration advisers who deal with issues affecting service families.