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SoldierWorks is about optimising the performance of the individual soldier to increase their effectiveness on the battlefield.

What is SoldierWorks?

SoldierWorks develops and delivers, ‘an integrated soldier system’ which seeks to maximise the performance by enhancing the lethality, agility and resilience of our soldiers, enabling them to fight and win across the full spectrum of Defence tasks.

The overall aim is to provide each soldier with the very latest capabilities be it clothing or equipment that enhances their lethality, agility, and resilience, enabling them to fight and win across the full spectrum of war fighting scenarios.

Data from tests, trials and experimentation informs decision making, ensuring that the capabilities delivered by SoldierWorks are the best they can be for our soldiers.

Integrated Soldier System

In future, an Integrated Soldier System will enable dismounted soldiers to manoeuvre and communicate, detect, and engage threats.

It enhances their ability to fight and win in battle maximising the capability enhancements offered in today’s fast moving technological era.

The Integrated Soldier System starts with the soldier and considers the soldier as a human platform and includes the various collective teams that soldiers form.

Teams our soldiers belong to on the battlefield, such as sections and platoons, are what deliver the capability demanded by Defence.

The Integrated Soldier System seeks to develop equipment in an iterative way which embodies the Army’s flexible approach to modernisation.

A fully integrated soldier system is the fundamental building block of our combat capability that is lethal, agile, resilient, and expeditionary.

What will SoldierWorks deliver?

SoldierWorks is a cross functional team consisting of Civil Servants, Military Personnel, and partners in the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) who work together to enhance our soldier’s capability further.

SoldierWorks is exploiting the Army’s experimentation programme, putting emerging technologies in the hands of the soldier to support the development of new capabilities.

This will help to design, develop and deliver enhancements to the soldier’s performance and or equipment to enabling them to fight and win.

The team speed up the introduction of new soldier system capabilities to the Field Army by being involved in the experimentation process and driving through the procurement of new solutions.

Here are some examples of equipment the programme has already delivered with much more on the way:

  • Night vision sights for a variety of different rifles to improve the soldier's ability to identify enemy targets earlier at night.
  • Binocular night vision goggles with a thermal clip-on system to enable a fused (thermal and image intensified) image.
  • Handheld medium-range target locator and ballistic calculator for sniper pairs.
  • A range of improvements to combat clothing and equipment so that it fits individuals better and makes life easier for the user.

This is a flavour of what we hope to introduce in the future:

  • New and more effective weapon systems.
  • An integrated Soldier Electronic Architecture.
  • Improved combat clothing that is optimised for different roles.