SoldierWorks is about optimising the performance of the individual soldier to increase their effectiveness on the battlefield.

What is SoldierWorks?

SoldierWorks is being established as the single integrated organisation across the Army that develops and delivers an integrated soldier system capability on an enduring basis.  

This will enhance the lethality, agility, and resilience of our soldiers, enabling them to fight and win across the full spectrum of Defence tasks.

Integrated Soldier System

The Integrated Soldier System (ISS) must empower soldiers to manoeuvre and communicate, detect, and engage threats. They need to survive, fight, and win in battle in today’s digital era and beyond.

The ISS is the human platform. The individual and the collective teams that soldiers form, are what deliver the roles and functions demanded by Defence.

The ISS embodies the Army’s continuously flexible approach to modernisation. It is the fundamental building block of Land combat capability: lethal, agile, resilient, and expeditionary.  

What will SoldierWorks deliver?

SoldierWorks will provide the exploitation path from our centres of experimentation, such as BattleLab, ARIEL, and the Army Warfighting Experiment.

It will act as an accelerator for modernising new soldier system capabilities by being involved from experimentation through to in-service capability.

Here are some examples of equipment the programme has facilitated:

  • Night vision sights for a variety of different rifles to improve the soldier's ability to identify enemy targets earlier at night.
  • Binocular night vision goggles with a thermal clip-on system to enable a fused (thermal and image intensified) image.
  • Handheld medium-range target locator and ballistic calculator for sniper pairs
  • A range of improvements to combat clothing and equipment so that it fits individuals better and makes life easier for the user.