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Defence Cyber Marvel

Defence Cyber Marvel

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Defence Cyber Marvel is an annual competition in which teams from Defence, Government agencies, industry partners, and other nations, compete for the top spot in a challenging environment.

The competition tests the skills of the participants to stop potential cyber-attacks against allied forces in a real-world scenario.

Defence Cyber Marvel is a training exercise organised by the Army Cyber Association to allow personnel from across the Armed Forces to build their skills within the cyber and electromagnetic domain.

APONEC OFFICIAL 20220216 008 008

The event also offers the opportunity to share learning and best practice across the Armed Forces and with other nations taking part, including Japan, Singapore, Kenya, and Oman. 

The British Army is committed to pioneering and developing new technologies and expertise to protect us from those who wish us harm.

As the world becomes ever-more digital, Electronic Warfare is helping the Army to prepare for future battlespace and the invisible fight to exploit the electromagnetic spectrum.