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Human Machine Teaming

The Integration of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) is transforming the character of conflict and how the Army will organise, operate and fight. Generational change in our ability to generate mass and tempo will be achieved through early gains in support and Information which provide the foundation to build increasingly complex, capable, and lethal systems.

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems Overview

Underpinned by robust and resilient networks, RAS will operate as part of Human Machine Teams, providing and exploiting data from which faster, better decisions are made.

Soldiers will have a digital skill set that enables understanding, and genuine trust in the machine component of the team. Although retained where necessary the density of human soldiers is reducing, in favour of smaller, cheaper, and plentiful platforms that increase combat mass whilst reducing risk to life.

The Army, with Allies and Industrial partners, is well positioned to accelerate into the technologically enabled future. With convergence of technology now apparent, the Army is well prepared for Generational and Transformational Change.


What Next?

The Human Machine Teaming Project has a range of objectives with the nearest being the commitment to delivering a RAS enhanced light Brigade Combat Team by 2025. In order to achieve this aim, we must be ready to run discovery, development and delivery in parallel, identifying key opportunities, and exploiting them rapidly to enable increased operational output.

Experimentation and delivery must be concurrent, with risk taken in appropriate areas and outputs that keep pace with technological change. This has been encapsulated by the Human-Machine Teaming Project.