Project Convergence 22

What is Project Convergence 22?


Project Convergence is the premier US Army experimentation exercise, seeking to define how the US and international partners, including the UK and Australia, will fight in a multi-domain battlespace.

The exercise, including UK soldiers, will test cutting-edge systems and technologies, including some for the first time ‘on the ground’. It is designed to help make the British Army more lethal on the battlefield, by cutting down on time and complications in what is called the ‘sensor-decider-effector-sustainer’ chain. 

Fundamentally, this is about minimising the time between identifying enemy targets and being able to decide and then have an effect on them, using Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies.

The exercise is more than a singular event, it is a sustained campaign of learning designed to advance and integrate our allied forces. It will ensure that we can rapidly and continuously ‘converge’ effects across the battlefield.


Who will be involved?

Several formations and units will be involved with Project Convergence.


20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team

The Brigade Combat Team (BCT) will lead the British Army’s participation in Project Convergence 22 and conduct our most sophisticated experiment to date involving 17 technologies and approximately 450 serving personnel.

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2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment has been our lead experimentation battalion testing cutting-edge technology as architects of how the British Army will fight in the future.

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The Ranger Regiment

The Ranger Regiment established as part of Future Soldier will also assist in the exercise.

A Ranger Regiment Task Group will be embedded with US Special Operations Forces to grow linkages and exploit best practices.

Why is Project Convergence 22 important for the British Army?

DCT 2904

Future Soldier is the British Army’s modernisation programme, it focuses on delivering a modern British Army that is fit for the challenges of the future. A future in which it is more lethal, agile and expeditionary; an army able to fight and win wars and to compete successfully in the grey zone between peace and war.

Key to both the Future Soldier vision and the success of Project Convergence 22 (PC22) is Digital Capability Transformation. Over the next 10 years, the totality of the Army’s deployable digital system will be modernised on an ambitious programme. This includes wholesale modernisation of its expeditionary command, control communications and Information Systems capability, a first-class Land Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance capability, linking sensor to decider and effectors, and a world-leading Army Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities capability.

As well as giving us a valuable opportunity to test and adjust our sensor, decider, and effector networks, PC22 will enable us to integrate with the networks of allies and partners. Sharing data at speed across networks and national forces is vital to success on the modern battlefield.

What equipment will be involved?

Robotic Autonomous Systems

A RAS-enabled platoon will operate alongside US dismounted and mounted troops, using innovative communications technology to integrate at the sub-tactical level.

This will include uncrewed reconnaissance & logistics vehicles, and enhanced Dismounted Situational Awareness systems which is a digitalised system which allows users to understand the laydown of the battlefield.

HoloLens & Digital Bird Table

HoloLens & Digital Bird Table involves using Augmented Reality to enhance situational awareness in Command Centres and on the battlefield.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing involves using 3D printing and predictive logistics to enhance support to UK & US forces in the field.

Sensors & Radar


UK Giraffe-Agile Multi-Beam (G-AMB) RADAR linked to the US Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) to generate an Integrated Air and Missile Defence network.


The first live US F35 sensor linked to UK Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), firing without the need for a person-in-the-loop. Fully automated; seconds not minutes.


UK Watchkeeper is a newly acquired uncrewed aerial reconnaissance asset.

It works as part of an integrated sensor network to build and maintain the Combined Joint All-Domain Situational Awareness. 


ZODIAC is the backbone of the Land Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Programme.

It is a distributed middleware system which will take data from all battlefield sensors, fuse it, analyse it and distribute the resulting intelligence rapidly.