The Army, Research, Innovation and Experimentation Laboratory (ARIEL) is the Army’s solutions accelerator delivering novel approaches and new technology into the hands of the user at pace. 

Its role is threefold:

  • ARIEL allows the Army to test new and novel ideas, collecting evidence to ensure that the capability owner has enough evidence to make an informed decision at the balance of investment stage.
  • ARIEL also allows the Army to test and develop those new ideas that, due to the pace of technological change, have not been considered by the normal procurement process.
  • And finally, ARIEL allows the Army to link those who are developing new and novel solutions to our problems to the end user, those who are nearest the problems and are best placed to offer development advice.
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Defence BattleLab

The BattleLab is an opportunity for Defence problems to collide with industry solutions, an environment for academics, innovators and end users to ideate, fail fast and succeed sooner.

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Defence Ideas

Defence Ideas is the Army's online platform to collect ideas and observations whilst allowing collaboration and development to occur, ensuring that we as an organisation make the most of our people, their good ideas and insights.

If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, no matter what the subject, we want to hear it. 

Submissions are open to all MOD civilian and Armed Forces personnel and ex-employees. All staff are encouraged to contribute original, constructive ideas for improving efficiency and organisation anywhere within Defence.

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