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Experimentation and Trials Group

Experimentation and Trials Group (ETG) is a Future Soldier organisation which coheres all experimentation and trials activity across the Army. It is part of the Land Warfare Centre, located in Warminster.


ETG - Who we are and what we do.

ETG headquarters command the five Trials and Development Units and the Army’s Experimentation Battalion, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment which will also include a half squadron of Household Cavalry.

Once reinforced with Combat Support and Combat Service Support Specialists from across the Field Army they will experiment as a ‘Next Generation Combat Team’. Specialising in combined arms manoeuvre force development, they will pioneer new capabilities to transform the Army at the pace of relevance working closely with joint partners, industry and allies around the world.


ITDU Sample 2

Infantry Trials Development Unit (ITDU)

Our goal is to make the Infantry soldier more resilient, resourceful, aware and lethal.

The ITDU conducts user trials, development and experimentation tasks to boost the Army’s competitiveness now, and set the conditions to develop and deliver the best Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) capability in the future.

We carry out horizon scanning and capability investigations, these help to drive and inspire innovation, experimentation and trials. We work with partners such as DE&S, Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (Dstl), Industry and International partners. 

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ATDU CR2 Newcamo

Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU)

ATDU conducts Mounted Close Combat experimentation and trials on Vehicle Systems, Lethality, Survivability and Communications.

This improves the Army's current capabilities on operations now and optimises how they will be used on future operations.

We modernise through developing changed, and new capabilities for future operations.

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CSSTDU Crane Image

Combat Service Support Trials and Development Unit (CSSTDU)

The CSSTDU is involved in a huge range of pan-Army projects.

We conduct experimentation and trials on a wide variety of vehicles to test their mobility, handling, loading and stowage.

Can a vehicle overcome obstacles and be driven effectively across rugged terrain? Does it handle safely during the day and at night using Night Vision Goggles? How well does it store equipment and weapons? Does it fit in with the rest of our vehicle fleet and if things go wrong, how easy is it to fix and recover?

These are just some of the questions that the CSSTDU answers when it evaluates some the British Army's key vehicles.

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MLRS Firing Copy

Royal Artillery Trials and Development Unit (RATDU)

The RATDU is at the forefront of updates to the Royal Artillery. Almost all artillery capabilities will be modernised over the next decade. We are involved in all of the trials and acceptance of these new battle winning systems.

We test a wide range of new equipment from hand-held tech, improved Air Defence capabilities, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter-UAS to traditional live firing and manoeuvre trials on new guns.

We are developing new synthetic Joint Fires training solutions. These use the latest computed generated visualisations of the battlefield to aid in the development of integrated affects across the spectrum of operations.

The RATDU supports the Royal Artillery and wider Army experimentation activities to advance innovative and agile processes to support future Army capability development.

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Royal Engineers Trials and Development Unit (RETDU)

We are responsible for all trials and testing of Royal Engineers equipment. RETDU looks to ensure that the Royal Engineers remain at the forefront of technology by working with Industry partners, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and Defence Equipment and Support.

Our activities include trialling field engineering equipment such as, water and power supply equipment, bridges and explosives. We also trial kit for our specialists, like bomb disposal equipment, dive equipment, armoured engineering vehicles and unmanned vehicles. Finally, we also ensure our trades people are correctly equipped to do the job.

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2YORKS Urban

2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2 YORKS is the Army's Experimentation Battalion. Their role is to test the latest technology on offer to the Army. 2 YORKS are the architects of how the British Army will fight and win in the future. 

From new weapons and sights to drones and Remote Platoon Vehicles, 2 YORKS is at the cutting edge of how human soldiers and machines will integrate on the battlefield in the future.

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Experimentation and Trials Group