Army Warfighting Experiment

The Urban Series 2022-24

Harnessing technology to prepare for complex future warfare

AWE 22

The Army Warfighting Experiment: The Urban Series 2022-24 focuses on warfighting in the urban environment, preparing the Army for future conflict in an increasingly urbanised world. It is designed to align experimentation to the tactical functions, developing each focus area year-on-year until integrating them all during a final experiment. This will provide the evidence to inform the Army and Defence which capabilities must be invested in and developed for the Army to remain competitive on the global stage.

The Army Warfighting Experiment has been and remains the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army. Through AWE the Army will forge relationships with industry, academia, allies, and partners, and also message our allies and adversaries that the British Army will adapt for the future with cutting-edge technological advances.

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The Urban Series will conduct experimentation focused on the urban environment to optimize the Army for Urban Operations, incorporating dawning technologies into brigade, battle-group, and sub-echelon capabilities.

The Army Warfighting Experiment: The Urban Series 2022-24 will see a collaboration of the Army with subject matter experts to experiment with cutting and bleeding-edge technologies, focusing on how the Army can be optimised for future complex urban environments.

By taking a programmatic approach to the Army Warfighting Experiment to build upon each year’s feature events between 2022 and 2024, the Army will remain engaged with SMEs and industry throughout to build and strengthen relationships as well as enable iterative development of products through pre-defined exploitation pathways.

Throughout, the Army will collaborate with international allies and partners, achieve value for money and transform itself it to become more sustainable.



Through the most demanding and hypothesis-based experimentation, the Urban Series will demonstrate the future force requirements that contribute to the Integrated Review in 2025 by:

  • Defining the digital ‘backbone’ which will underpin the future force, its systems and its sensors ability to communicate effectively.
  • Bringing sustainment and protection to the forefront to reduce risk to the force and increase mission success.
  • Leveraging cutting and bleeding-edge technology from industry to fight the urban battle.
  • Demonstrating that all systems can be integrated effectively across all domains to reduce risk to our people, increase the tempo of decision-making and increase the mass of the desired effect.

Series Overview

November 2022: AWE Sustain & Protect will examine how we sustain and protect a Brigade (and below) force in the urban environment. Sustain will focus on intelligent logistics, medical extraction and vehicle extraction, whereas Protect will focus on physical and non-physical protection, to include cUAS and cCEMA. In addition, this experiment will focus on our people to determine how we can accomplish the best by them and achieve operational advantage.

Autumn 2023: AWE Shape & Defend will examine how we shape our allies, actors, adversaries and enemies, and defend in the urban environment. Shape will focus on information and outreach activities, whilst Defend will focus on organic physical and non-physical offensive capabilities, as well as precision strike. In addition, this experiment will also consider counter-electronic warfare, people and power.

Autumn 2024: AWE Urban Integrate is the culmination of the series, during which D Futures will take forward the ‘best of best’ technology from the series in a capability demonstrator.