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South Atlantic Islands

The Falkland Islands are a dependent territory of the UK and will remain so for as long as the Islanders wish them to. British Armed Forces protect the Falkland Islands 'To Deter Military Aggression Against The South Atlantic Overseas Territories (SAOT)'.

Argentinean landing
In March 1982, Argentinean scrap metal merchants landed on the Falkland Islands' dependency of South Georgia and raised the Argentinean flag. This was followed by an invasion of the Falkland Islands themselves on 2 April 1982. The United Nations Security Council condemned the invasion.

South Georgia recaptured
The United Kingdom reacted by sending a Task Force to the South Atlantic and imposing a naval and air blockade on the large Argentinean garrison on the Falkland Islands. South Georgia was recaptured, and a large logistics and staging post was set up on Ascension Island to support the Task Force.

On 21 May 1982, British troops landed at Port San Carlos and began to move towards Stanley. Our troops won a significant battle at Goose Green, which laid the foundation for the victory that was to come. After an intense air and artillery barrage and the capture of dominant mountain ridges around Stanley, the Argentinean Commander on the Falkland Islands surrendered all his forces on 14 June 1982.

After the 1982 conflict, the United Kingdom established a garrison on the Falkland Islands, consisting of naval, land and air elements.

Present day
The Falklands Conflict led the way in the Services working together, and this has continued to the present day. A combined force comprising members of the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy are based on the Islands.
The situation in the South Atlantic has changed substantially since the conflict. Argentina is now a democracy, committed to the peaceful resolution of issues over the Islands.

123 Army soldiers were killed during the Falklands War (7 officers, 40 NCOs and 76 privates).

Sixteen of the dead, in keeping with tradition, are buried on the islands, fourteen at Port San Carlos with two more at isolated single grave sites at Goose Green and Port Howard.
Cemetary at Port San Carlos

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