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The British Army in Afghanistan

The Taliban gave safe haven to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which allowed terrorists to plan and carry out attacks around the world. We joined many other nations in a NATO/ISAF-led military intervention to bring Al-Qaeda’s leaders to justice, remove the Taliban from control in Afghanistan and prevent the country again becoming a safe haven for international terrorists.

The international military campaign has reduced the terrorist threat from this region and helped train a 350,000 strong Afghan National Security Force, which now has security responsibility for Afghanistan’s 30 million citizens. The process of handing over security to Afghan forces – ‘transition’ – saw the international military’s role change from leading combat operations to training, advising and assisting.

Afghan boy holding the Afghanistan flag (crown copyright)International actions in Afghanistan since 2001 have significantly reduced the terrorist threat to the UK from this region.

A small number of soldiers remain to continue the training and development of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.

At its peak, in Helmand alone there were 137 UK bases and around 9,500 UK troops. On 9 August 2013 the military headquarters of the UK’s Task Force Helmand moved from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion.

The UK's work in Afghanistan

This section of the website about operations in Afghanistan has been updated with information from a joint government document entitled The UK's work in Afghanistan, link below.

The MOD has released a new Policy paper: The UK's work in Afghanistan gives a full account of our involvement in the country.

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