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Military Working Dog wins award

08 September 2017

Military Working Dog Sam was named Public Service Animal of the Year at the Daily Mirror Animal Hero Awards. 

The Awards recognise and celebrate the most inspiring examples of bravery, dedication and resilience in the animal world.

Sam, a seven year old cocker spaniel who is part of 105 Military Working Dog Squadron, 1st Military Working Dog Regiment has deployed on numerous tours to Afghanistan. During his first tour, in October 2013, he unfortunately broke his foot after falling 30ft down a well on a search operation. He was immediately medically evacuated to Camp Bastion where he was treated and then subsequently moved back to the UK for recovery and rehabilitation. 

After six months recovery he was able to work again and was used for OP ISMAY searching areas and buildings to ensure security during the NATO summit which was held in Wales during 2014.

More recently, due to Sam’s outstanding ability and being our best Arms Explosives Search dog, he has deployed twice on Operation TORAL (October 2015 for four months and November 2016 for four months). During these two tours he has found illegal narcotics and has conducted countless searches to ensure the safety of both UK and foreign military personnel.

Sam is a small dog with bags of character and a drive for searching to match. Despite his initial injury, the ordeal of falling from such a great height and becoming injured, he has bounced back and proven himself to be one of our most valued assets.

Lance Corporal Laura Howarth who is his handler said: “He has taught me the foundations of working on the ground with a search dog and given me the trust and confidence needed to work efficiently as an AES handler. While he has a very energetic personality he remains a very loyal dog and will work hard to please his handler. 

"It has been a pleasure to work with him from day one and I look forward to working with him throughout the rest of my career as a Military Working Dog Handler for the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.”

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