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The official MOD-approved British Army Challenge Book, written in partnership with Dr Gareth Moore, bestselling author of The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book, is packed with challenges set to help readers develop the vital mind-training skills needed for any team player or budding recruit.

There are a three examples of what you might face below

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Sensible Shade 2 1200 x 628.jpg

You need to urgently find a suitable place to conceal yourself in a compound to avoid enemy detection. It’s just before sunrise, and you know from your training that, with no overhead cover available, it is better to hide in the shade of another building than in direct sunlight. The time is 0630 and the date is 22 September. The sky is clear of clouds and you are in the UK.

Which of the points marked ‘x’ on the map would be the most appropriate for you to find cover in, when the sun rises?


Setting Up Camp 2 1200 x 628.jpg

You have been given this map and asked to locate the best position for your unit to set up camp overnight. There are four suggested locations for a campsite, each marked ‘X’ on the map, and labelled from A to D. It is your job to decide which is the most suitable. You know from expedition training that the best campsites should ideally be:

- on level ground
- near or with access to a water supply
- accessible on foot and by road
- sheltered from the elements and not exposed (e.g., by being on a hilltop)
- away from large, permanent settlements

Using your map-reading skills, and the information above, can you determine which of the labelled locations is the most suitable to set up camp for the night?


Word Circle 2 1200 x 1200.jpg (1)

Grab a pen and paper and rearrange the letters in this circle to find as many words as you can. Every word must use the centre letter, plus two or more other letters – but you cannot use any individual letter more than once in a single word. There is one word that uses every letter.

Can you find 30 words in five minutes? There are over 60 to be found.